I NEED A HOBBY anything considered

Up to now on slow days like today I would just troll the pages of shopping sites and buy anything I liked the look of. Just received a bottle of rather expensive perfume and it has to be the last. Only woman I know that lives in nighties and Chanel !

Food shopping is another favorite that's out. I can however tell you where to find the strangest ingredients if you need any.

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  • What do you like to do apart from online shopping? I have too many hobbies for the time I have to do them in. My hobbies are - word puzzles and jigsaws, reading, sewing, cross stitch, embroidery, knitting, crochet, scrapbooking, geneology and I am seriously thinking about quilting. I have dabbled in zentangle and art journalling but simply don't have the time to do either of them justice. I also toyed with the idea of jewelry making but my OH will have a fit if I start anything new. I have to admit than none of these hobbies would reduce the time and money you would spend online though :-)

  • You got it in one. Jewelry making. I used to make earrings but didn't really have the time, I do now and also the craft boxes :) Knitting is out for me. Love it but causes me problems with my hands. I do crosswords and sudoku. Don't know what zentangle is, I will google it. Thank you Lruk and have a good day xx

  • Zentangle is great it's making intricate imaginative doodling into something really artistic, it's great fun and there's lots of zentangle info about the web.

    I've taken up felting, making flowers as brooches, etc., and pictures too. If you go into creative corner on the right hand side of the screen you will see some of he things I've attempted. It's such a good idea to have a hobby, I'm trying to do crocheting but it's making my knuckles very sore, but I think it's probably cos I'm not doing it correctly.

    Hope you find something to suit you :-)

    Foggy x

  • Lalala. If you have problems with your hands felting will probably be good for you especially if you use the brush pad and multi needle tool method, if you fancy it I could tell you more about it :-)

    Foggy x

  • It takes time to get the knack of holding the wool wrapped round your fingers as in every thing do a bit change to something else sue

  • Well., what do you like doing?

    I could suggest tai chi as it has double benefits but unfortunately doesn't take up much time.

    If you want to occupy a lot of time, how about cleaning someone else's flat?

    Now who could we think of?

    There's loads of good walking round Truro, trouble is lots of hills, too. Not exactly compatible with fibro and you would not want to do it in the many rainy days.

    Have you seen those easter bunnies? Would you fingers and patience be up to that? :P :P

    x Badger

  • Can't walk, that's what I miss most of all. But that is today, I am hoping to change that in the future.

    Tai chi sounds like a plan.

    I am slightly obsessive so I could make Easter Bunnies but my home would be full of them before you could say "Wots up Doc " and have no youngsters to make them for.

    As for cleaning ? hahaha NO CHANCE !! But I recently bought a bottle of Elbow Grease and although I bought it for the fun factor it works well on my bathroom.

    Got 2 ideas already from here, brilliant :)

    Have a good day Badger xx

  • i had some of that and it was brilliant but have never seen it since heheheeh it was about 2yrs ago. It really is elbow grease :)

  • elbow grease lol, are you talking the old type or theres a spray bottle of cleaning stuff called elbow grease. if you mean that they sell it in the pound shop :) xx

  • Yes and WAIN also kindly gave me a link to somewhere else too. It's fantastic stuff I used to work in housekeeping but cannot scrub baths etc anymore it worked a treat :)

  • oh ok i might get some. i can't scrub much so it mite help :) x

  • please call me Jackie, I can't change my name on profile :(

  • Cheers Jackie :)

  • yes bluebell same stuff. I bought it as a joke for my son to trip up his head chef but I used the 2nd bottle and was amazed at how good it was :)

  • oo,il send my hubbie to the £ shop to get some, i saw it & thought it was just called that to get ppl to buy it & then find it was no good! so i bought mr muscle instead. have you found a hobby yet after all these replies lol,:) there's some good ones here i might try myself as im doing the same as you :)xx

  • Great assortment to choose from and I am interested in jewelry making and photography for now but am also sleeping 12 hours a day since I started my new prescription, so not starting anything yet don't have the time :) Hope all is well with you bluebell xx

  • and Tai chi, just reading through the comments again

  • Greetings cards too, I think that's it for now.

  • yes there's loads of good stuff here. i like the idea of card making but its just getting started on buying the stuff needed & ideas.wow! 12 hours sleep,do you feel any better for it?, im ok thanks :) xx

  • feel quite good today thanks, slow but not so fuzzy around the edges. yesterday was bad, all sorts of stuff happened, wasn't safe to walk around even. We are not to comment on this feed anymore Bluebell it is too long and slowing the server down. I will find you in another one tomorrow. Take care my friend , catch you soon xx

  • How about Pinterest. That way you could do, "virtual shopping anything you like the look of pin it, Then you can fool yourself that its there if you could ever afford it. I tend to pin things I want to do `when I can` knowing damn well I will probably never be able to,Still musn`t give up hope.. Sue

  • Wouldn't work for me, I would pin and buy. I did need new bras and bought them and the knickers which I also needed. On my internet journey to find them I came across my favorite perfume at a bargain price, be a fool not to buy at that price, a ricer which I had a desperate need of since our "fat and potato chat" , slippers always come in useful so 3 pairs. I will stay so much in denial about what I spent that next time I need bras I will believe they cost £100 each. Your way is so much better but I just need not to look till I do really need :). Also need to distinguish between "want" and "need"

  • Hi there,could you do some voluntary work as that is what Iam going to do.Maybe the befriending scheme where you give one or two hours a week visiting someone in their home just to chat with them.Iam going to apply for this as well as some voluntary work in the hospital and the hospice where I used to work.Or maybe an adult community college course?You can try a creative course out that takes your fancy xxx

  • Great ideas haribo but have to address some mobility issues before I could even consider it.

  • Like that too. When I was recovering from knee surgery, I manned some stalls for charities. Soon filled in the time and no strain on the legs :P

  • I did try working in a charity shop but it smelled bad and the manageress really thought she was "someone" because she got paid !

  • Little old ladies smelling of lavender and wee? :P

  • no comment

  • :P

  • I find making greetings cards years ago and it uses up whole heaps of time, and I find it a great distractor when I'm in pain because I start focussing on different things. I even turned my hobby into a small business last year and now I'm always crafting, or looking for new shiny things to buy (I may be a little magpie) to make with.

    I also get lost in a good book (although fibro fog sometimes gets in the way) or spend hours reading crafter's blogs on the internet.

  • Great idea Lucy if I made my own Christmas cards could go at my own pace. I have a nook to read in bed but invariably I have to read over what I read the night before.

  • Hey, yes I do that. Use my own photos, and make up personalised messages then print off. Personalise some more with glitter etc. AND you get to keep track of what you send to whom so no danger of conversations that start "that's nice, you sent it last year too"

    I stopped when my local greedomarket flogged off unsold card 10p a box one January :P

  • That surprises me. I find Christmas badgers very difficult to get hold off. :)

  • :P

  • Do you get A.D.O.S.S.? Attention defici. . .ooh something shiny. :P

  • hahahaha great one :)

  • ooh that did make me giggle!!!

  • I'm the same as you, Chanel and jamas, it's the only one of two perfumes I can tolerate, others give me migraine almost immediately. :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • Changed from PJs to nighties when I needed to get to the bathroom more quickly. Would love a onesie but no chance :) Anyway nightie and Chanel is so much more elegant hahaha

  • I am of course a heathen :o

  • haha

  • Eureka !!! I am going to design a gussetless onesie :)

  • Well, now here's something because in the days of old when knights were bold and all that, (actually probably in the late 1800's early 1900's) men wore long johns, like onesies but they had a buttoned flap on for exactly the purpose you speak of......so.....get designing, it'll do us all a favour, I was given a onesie but only ever wear it in the evening as it would be far too cold to deal with during the night for bathroom visitation ;-) and as you say, take way too long :-)

    Foggy x

  • I quite often wear middle eastern clothing because its comfortable and hides all. the trousers are more like a long skirt, begins with P but I will have to search for the name. The gusset as such is around knee level, so much material would be safe to sit and show nothing at all, but a simple hitch up to pee !

  • You'll be a millionaires overnight :P

    You should see some of the kids at work. Some of the boys (18+) look complete idiots. They go outside to the laundry in them. Bizarre outfits.

  • Good grief, we must be very sheltered in Devon, never ever seen one anywhere round here, they'd be ribbed unmercifully by the young farmers methinks :D :D :D

  • Hehehehe. I think they're on oestrogen. We get man bags and all sorts up here. I'm out of fashion :P

    And it's no longer just goths who are andgrogenous

  • Truro town centre has seen my son in his. I couldn't believe he had gone there in it

  • My 2 lads go out in them often. I bought them thinking bedwear only ?

  • Yeah. Worrying isn't it?

    Fine indoors but I want one with a hatch in the back like the old timers long johns

    So they're nothing new :P

  • Carry on please just right for camping, but far too cold to strip off for a wee

  • That conjures visions :P

  • We're meant to be taking this to the post gins has created as this is taking ages to load......let's go chaps and chappeses :D

  • oh goody a trip, lead the way I am no good with directions :)

  • Agreed. Where that? cant find it :P

  • I come in here directly from my e-mail inbox so I won't get notified will I ? Hold on. I will just dig out my map and compass, expect me some time tonight. Feel free to eat if I'm not there in time :)

  • oh hahaha BBC good food guide has just sent me an e-mail titled :- 7 things you have never done with pasta ! They really must try harder, I can think of loads more than 7 :)

  • There's a student book. 100 things to do with pasta. Not sure if it's a cookery book :P

  • haha

  • Hi who am I now,

    I am like Foggy I do felting but I like landscapes I started with animals and flowers ut now I find it interesting to do modern picture.

    I also bake when I can like pancakes today with cream cheese and smoked salmon. I make the meanest dark chocolate brownies um I send you all some. Really gooey and wonderful.

    I draw sometimes better than others but hey it is for me so it does nt matter what it is like. I particularly like using charcoal.

    I have one other secret passion "Model rail ways" I am in the middle of layout boards and playing with plaster bandages and no it is not kinky .

    So any one else like trains?


  • Baking I love but have to cut down on it. Felting is reminding me of fuzzy felt back in my childhood before computers, mobile phones and x-box were around. I don't have an artistic streak in my entire body but I did once marry an artist to compensate for it. And trains ? Never entered my mind until now. Nope they've gone already :)

  • Wow gins, I used to love and envy my brothers' model train sets, they used to take up a huge amount of room in our nursery, I just had my rocking horse in the corner, there was a huge table which the train set went on and then underneath the table they had scalectrix cars . I remember all the trains had really smart boxes and the boys had to put them back in the boxes in the spring and they weren't allowed out again until autumn. We were virtually kicked outside with ponies and trees to keep ourselves out of trouble, but I would have loved to have played with the trains, so I really understand your love of them :-)

    Foggy x

  • My dad and I used to lay my brothers train set out all round the ground floor of the house and play with it for days. I spent a lot more time with it than my brother did.He also had a mamod working model of a traction engine, I spent hours with that .and I still want a real one. But nobody will buy me one. :(

  • You had to ask :P

    I was just going to touch base with you as I don't think we've said much for a few days. Mine's 10 miles long at a scale of 12" to the foot. The Watercress Line where I'm a guard and signalman.

    It's only as kinky as you want it to be but I must confess I've not seen a kinky railway website yet. Oh, what a giveaway.

    Otherwise I'm between layouts. My time will come again and I've kept the stock. Amazingly some manufacturers have made stock that's on my railway so I have a good representation.

    How's you gins? x

    Loved the brownies, hope Ken's not getting too big, I sent him some cake and biscuits for tea. :P

  • Oh my word Paul, so you frequent Alresford then?? I have friends who I visit in Kilmeston and I just love Alresford and The Watercress Line. :-)


  • Yup. Chief loon. You've heard of the Responsible Person in safety critical work. I'm the Irresponsible Person. Ooh. Photo posting opportunities coming up. I can feel them. Love the hill down from the Millberrys. Worked professionally on the line 2000 to 2009. :P

  • Wowski, envy envy , if it weren't quite so close to suburbia I could almost live there, but my heart and soul are defo in Devon. :p

  • Alresford has more than it's fair share of village idiots :P How about Four Mark? Still a quiet little country station.

    I suppose Paignton is a bit of a trek for you. There's Bickleigh but that's a toy and Pecorama is quite close but still a toy. How about Seaton Tramway? They do birding trips. :)

    If things were better I'd be in Princetown - rude comments on a postcard please. :P :P

  • Now Princetown, a capital place :p :p :p for pleasure especialy hrh's :D

  • I had flat 12 D wing :P

  • Four Marks is getting perilously close to the Convent :o

  • Ooh, true. Not far from St Lucy's :(

  • Oooowww they've had to close the tramway, because rather like Dawlish, some of the line has been washed away, but they hope to have it up and running again properly by Easter :-)

  • I started card making about a year ago and i just do it wen at a loose end/bored. Mostly for family occasions but also 3D pictures with my daughter to keep her busy saturday mornings. X

  • Great idea. My kids cook because we used to make bread etc at weekends. They now have life long skills which I never even thought of at the time :)

  • See what a positive roll model you are to your kids. They will be thankful for life! Im still very close to my mam

  • How about some creative writing? Doesn't matter which form or genre, you would still be on the pc and not spending!

    You may even make some money from it. :) :)

    Nancy Xx

  • I have tried that about 3 times in my life I think. Always turns into a very cheesy comedy. Thanks Nancy xx

  • Creative writing! Now that's where I come in. I never stop writing! Ooh to let the mind wander into creative dreams and genre, to anticipate the wilds and let your soul walk to yonder!

  • No.good for me .No imagination.

  • I had an imaginary friend when I was a child. To be honest he was a total S*** and I told him to leave me alone. So he went off to be imaginary friends with somebody else!

    I would have loved another, but I lacked the imagination.

  • :P :P :P

  • Heathcliffe!

  • No good with heights, makes me wuther

  • Tried reading that a couple of times. never got into it.I always felt confoosed at the end :(

  • Yeah. I could never get into that kind of novel. :P

  • It is a bloomin classic!

  • Have you read Shutter Island Ken ?

  • So base jumping is out as a hobby?

  • might be possible. I will ask the doc if he has any anti-wuthering remedies

  • No, I have not heard of that? What is it about?

  • I watched the film once. Didn't make sense. Watched several times more just to be sure I had got it right. Now got the book. Has the most fantastic ending of any I have ever read.

  • Sounds really good! I have often found that most books differ when directors get their paws onto them, just to please a cinema going audience. Many years ago I wrote a series of novels that were used to make a mini series, they totally destroyed them. Sorry but I cannot say what they were as I am not allowed to self advertise on the forum.

  • If I read the book first I am usually disappointed with the film because with the book I envisage the characters as I see them, with a film it's done for you. So now. always film first, then book

  • Yeah! I can understand that. There was a DCI Banks on the TV the other night and it had no similarity to the start of the book whatsoever, I thought I had got the episodes mixed up.

  • oh ! I thought books were only for poor people who couldn't afford a tv :)

  • I've definitely got both! I must be greedy.

  • tv? What's that?

  • As the Goons said "the pictures in your head are far better than the ones on screen. Love you new avatar :P

  • " 0ohh little jimmies fallen in de water " :-)

  • Oh Oh Oh ow. How dare you. I was just looking after the regimental wages

  • Oooh. Intrigued now. Can you do it on a PM? There's cake in it for you :P

  • Kathy!

  • This is the right place for cheesy comedy :P

  • laughing cow ?

  • Oh, we are sharp tonight :P

  • very slow day and frustrating so I am just stalking badgers :)

  • No come back for that which is just as well.

    Badger bye byes :P

  • I never thought writing's for me

    I'd rather bake some scones for tea! :)

  • You are a poet

    but didn't know it :P

  • I suprose she is :)

  • I like taking photos of landscapes and seascapes mainly but not very good when I have my shadow with me as not allowed out on my own I like trains watching DVDs the xbox and reading also like watching sport

  • Yes always wanted to do photography. Not a fan of x-box because I don't have the co-ordination for it. reading I love and DVDS only if I am in the mood. Thanks Colegg and I hope you get along with your shadow :)

  • As you love trawling the internet, why not try and earn some money doing it. There is a site where you register, totally free and they send you assignments to review company websites and pay you £8 per assignment. For instance you could be asked to visit the site and look for a washing machine. You have to speak your thoughts about what you like about the site or how easy you found navigation. I have found that working from home has really helped me, not just financially but with my self esteem and positiveness in managing my illness, and there are so many companies now who use freelance homeworkers.

  • Could you send me a link please in a message. Just off to sleep now, so will look later.Thanks shazzap xx

  • I think I must be in heaven trains wonderful real train , puffing white smoke and singing their special song with the chugging of the wheels! Oooh I love trains :)

    Kinky - only as much as wanted just wonderfully bonkers eh Sian!


  • Now steam trains are different. Romantic somehow I think :)

  • The l'aal Ratty will be one of my favourite trips out forever chug chug chug beautiful scenic journey through Eskdale Valley.................... Love it :D :P :D

    Fantastic for families too :)

  • and yes you are bonkers!!

  • Thanks :) xgins ha hahahaha

  • It takes one to know one so that makes me just as bonkers!!

  • I have had RA for 20 yrs. and my hands are badly damaged so can no longer do hobbies which demand dexterity. However I do try to keep my brain active and have recently learnt to play cribbage.(cribbage corner.com) It is easy to learn and you can play against a computer and only needs one other player if you have company. I have found other mind stimulating games as well like "just two words" and "sticky bricks" which is an android tablet game. Good hunting..

  • Hi I no how you feel I started card making

  • Sounds a lot like me. I need a hobby too, plus I would like to join a support group for this illness x

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