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i have always loved reading but found it so difficult with painful hands and wrists then my wonderful hubby gave me an e reader , what a joy, it made reading a pleasure again ,i am able to download books at home so no having to go out shopping and i am currently reading books on fibro. my favourite authors have books that can be accessed too, i thought i would share a positive with you too. J

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  • Hello J, I too love to read and would be lost without my kindle. The only disadvantage is that it is now far too easy to download yet another book by a favourite author as soon as you finish one. It can be an expensive pastime! I now balance my reading with books from the local library. An e reader is such a great present for anybody who loves to read though and how thoughtful of your hubby to get you one! All best wishes, Jane x

  • hi our library has books that you can download onto e readers , have you asked at yours ?

  • You can't download onto a kindle unfortunately, nor audio books. You can, I believe, download onto a computer and maybe other devices,but my whizzkid son and his girlfriend tried and they had no success. It's a pretty pathetic selection anyway.

  • Hi,

    I got my first, but my no means last, ereader three and a bit years back. Wouldn't be without one when my hands/wrists are acting up. The ability to up-scale text doesn't go amiss when it makes eye strain less problematic.

  • I want one but financially cant afford one right now.i love reading and struggle holding a book now.pleased that yre hubby gt u one enjoy x

  • Same her I got a Kindle for Christmas and its great,I too love my reading and its so easy & cheap to download books.

  • I love my Kindle! It has really made reading easier, tho' there's always the temptation to spend a fortune on new downloads.

    I still use my local library, and an eReader will never totally replace the real thing, so I have devised a system for reading books when my hands are too painful.

    I get comfortable on my bed with a good pile of pillows, then I have a pillow each side to rest my elbows on, and another across my lap to rest the book. OK, it gets expensive on pillows, but still cheaper than a Kindle!

  • I love my kindle to bits and just don't know what I would do without it! I have joined an online audio book club (they do different rates) and listen to audio books on my kindle as well. Upside is you can listen without headphones; downside is that you have to have good hearing.

  • i travel on buses quite a bit and it is much lighter to carry than most books and i slip it into my handbag when i'm not using it

  • Good topic irisjoy! and caroline you've answered my question. I wanted to know if any e-readers read audio books. [suggestions welcome]

    WHSmiths online do free ebooks, as do few other sites.



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