Blue Badge Yeah!!

Well that was quick! Only went for my medical on Wednesday and was told I should hear in about 2 weeks if I have been sucsessful. Well, in the post this morning came a letter stamped from Hampshire CC. "Oh well, worth a try". I thought. When I opened it, it was from Blue Badge department asking for my £10 registration fee. You only pay that if you definately have got your badge. So hello wider parking bays!!! Nice start to the weekend. Hope my good luck rubs off on some of you others on this site who have been struggling for different benefits etc.X

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  • I hope so!! Ohh very pleased for you!

    As it goes had such a rough time and i will be at Dr's on monday and i have my form for Blu badge assessment, so need my Dr's support and after past couple of days stuck in bed should prove how bad it gets. Xxxwell done

  • oh well done you so pleased for you that weird where i am you just apply via post and put your cheque in with it no medical or anything i got mine withina week of applying well 5 days it has been fantastic i am so pleased i got it but dint get dla lol oh well cant win them all you enjoy it just be prepared for the stares and the looks off sme people lol love to you diddle xxx

  • So pleased for you Suejayjay! :)

  • Thank you all. Small steps eh? Must say I am really chuffed and will make a big difference to me and where I can now drive to.X

  • Wider bays only if non holders ie lazy gits are not already parked there!

  • That is a point Elky. Used to find the same problem with the child parking bays at the supermarket. I used to get so mad when they obviously had no children in the car. I regularly have a child seat in my car because I often have my small grandchildren with me, but I wouldn't dream of parking in a parents with children bay if they aren't actually with me. Ah well. Will see how it goes. The way I see it too. My Blue Badge not only gives me 'wider bays' but tells people I have been SEEN to have a problem, even if it isn't obvious.One small step to dealing with this insiduous curse called Fibro!!! X

  • i am really pleased you got your blue badge, :) i dont agree with child parking bays at all, and i am a mum.

  • Yeah suejayjay, I thought you'd get it!! Interesting point, at our local supermarket many people were parking while they went into the town, so around Christmas time they employed a car park attendant. I was speaking to him one day, and he said about booking people in the disabled bays who didn't display a badge. I said about the parents/children bays, and he said 'You are perfectly entitled to park in one of those bays if there are no disabled one's empty'. When all is said and done, the parents are more than likely able bodied, don't have problems getting in and out of their cars themselves, but yes admittedly would have to be extra careful with their kids in a normal space. But we struggle all round in a narrower space. So I have used those spaces since, but I do tend to shop at quieter times for people with kids usually when they are in school or nursery, and there is usually more spaces available .

  • Hi There would just like to say NOW have a go at getting your bus-pass as well, as you could get this for free if you have disability benifite its worth a try and its not age related.xx

  • I don't actually get a disability benefit. I still work part time. My Blue Badge was my first foray into the mystical world of medicals!!! I will get my bus pass anyway in May 2013.My Mum is looking forward to that, as she uses hers a lot and is looking forward to us meeting up on the bus!!! I just feel I have been very lucky, as so many on here seem to find it so hard to get even the simplest help and seem to be so much worse than I am. But how kind of you all to be pleased for me. X

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