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Hi Everyone, Well what a success story i have now.Following my recent disaster and disappointment at blue badge medical i took the advice given on here and sent a letter of complaint about the whole procedure and the condescending comments made by the assessor ,i only sent letter on Friday 12/10/12 and got a phone call today telling me that the decision has been overturned and i am to be awarded the blue badge i am so happy i done a little jig lol it hurt but what the heck it's nothing new.A MASSIVE thank you to all who wrote and helped me through this xxxx jo

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Well done to you I've had mine for two approx it's great

Nicki xxx


Thank you very much x


Well done and i'm made up for you that your persistencepaid off. One more victory for the little woman. :-)

Dixie xx


Thank you i am so so so happy x


well done! enjoy the many benefits of parking nearer!




Thank you Sandra ,it has lifted my spirit's and my feet for about two seconds lol i am just so happy xxx


very happy for you! that is great and thanks to this site too as it does have many advantages for the knowledge of help and advice.

I have my assessment on 5th of November so we shall see the only thing i worry about is if it picks on me so i cannot get there then what lol as you never know when it will strike and keep you in bed! and since hubby phoned to book an appointment with them about 3 weeks back i really hope i get there ! he can always carry me like a knight in shining armour hahah ..

I do not think enough spaces are made though however as i have been looking around as we always TRY to get a spot near .

luckily the job i do i am out of car into houses so never much walking to do it is the stairs that cause a problem ..

Imagine driving 100 miles a day and climbing a 10 storey block of flats every day with no lift that is my day with each house i have to check.

I check the ground floors and go on judgement of work done in a lot .

So really really really pleased you have a success story lets hope there is many more!!


Hi Fairycazzie,Thank you so much and wow your council is much faster than ours here my appointment took eight weeks + two to acknowledge my completed forms.

I am not sure of the full terms of using the b,b but i am certain that you can park in street as long as you display your badge?.

I can not imagine driving 10 miles let alone 100 nor climbing stairs either i bypass steps wherever possible so well done you are amazing.

Good luck with your assessment xx and if hubby carries you in you will pass lol xx


What a great victory. Your persistence paid off. Well Done Lets hope others will read this and won't give up xxx


Hi rj63,Thank you so much and if it was'nt for the support and encouragement i got with replies on this site i may have lost the will to fight so massive thanks to all xx


Well done :-)

Can you tell me, do you get a free bus pass and a blue badge? I don't drive so have to rely on public transport. I live in the suburbs miles from the centre of Leeds so fares are high.

If im too sore to walk to the bus stop and where ever I need to go once I get to where I want to be, I just dont/cant leave the house! I'm single too. Mind you I might have well been single when I was married! Lol

Flips x


Hi Flips,Thank you.

I think that maybe you could apply for a bus pass instead of the blue badge and i am not sure but it may be on the same application form your best bet would be to ring your local council and inquire.

I understand fully what you are saying with regards walking so surely you are entitled to some help.Ha i also agree with being effectively single while married lmao and i honestly believe that i am better off alone as i am very grumpy and half who i used to be and can't imagine wanting another man ,or maybe if i am honest who would want me ? i don't lol .

Give your council a bell and best of luck xx


Thankyou jolow. I shall, can but try x


Well done xx


Hi Jomple,Thank you so much x


Well done. It will help enormously.


Thank you so much i really am overjoyed now xx


had a blue badge for 3 years as I had the higher rate mobility, since my new application for Dla has come back with no mobility, I have now completed the online form to try to get a blue badge without the DLA, just got to print my birth cert off, and then post with the cheque. Ive also started proceedings for an appeal for my DLA, so fingers crossed. and well done for you, another one bites the dust, its about time they atrted sitting up and listening to us genuine people who need this, and not the scammers who just want a free ride.


Hi Pepperflo, I am very sorry that your having strife with Dla and b.b it's awful with these cutbacks.Keep fighting as sometimes we do win.Good luck both dla and b.b.

I thank you for taking the time to write and tell us your story as horrible as it is for you at the moment ,hopefully everything will be re awarded to you.

I truly have no idea how some manage to scam as i found it so very difficult to get what i truly believe i should be entitled to and as yet i have not applied for dla waiting for many more forms lol xx take care and good luck to you


Brilliant news jolow....I am so pleased for you.

Also sending lots of lucky hugs to everyone else who is waiting on medicals etc.

I have a blue badge but I also have a Freedom Pass which allows me to travel on buses and trains for free within a certain area. Get in touch with your local council and ask for Disability Advice Centre. If you are in receipt of DLA they should be able to help you and in any event they should be able to help you find the best course of action for you.

Hugs to one and all

E :) x


Thank you so much i am sooooooo happy and very relieved that its over and i have been awarded the badge.I have not applied for dla yet but i have asked for forms to be sent out one step at a time lol but thank you for that information its certainly worth knowing i love this site what a massive help people like you are so again thank you x jo


Hi, I have a medical for blue badge a week Friday, not looking forward to it, How do you show someone that sometimes you can hardly walk at all and other times you can manage further, sometimes it is through back pain, sometimes the awful pain in my leg muscles, sometimes it is a total lack of energy which has gradually got worse over the last couple of years. If someone judged me by how I look or walk they probably wouldn't think much was wrong with me and yet I have very little life anymore and hardly ever get out ...

Does anyone know what the medical involves, what they ask or make you try to do??

Do other people feel like this and worry that people think they are a fraud, when actually there life is a living misery of pain of one sort or another?



Hi Shelly,Firstly sorry to hear your feeling as you do but it's not uncommon so you are not alone and certainly in the right place here to air your thoughts and feelings.It really is amazing how much a little cheery hi and a few nice words can be so very uplifting in times such as these.

I totally understand what you are saying and yes i sometimes feel like a fraud mainly at esa medical and also b.b medical which is how other people's views or statements can make you feel.A few hints that may help you , you will be asked many questions at assessment so be prepared with your answers.I can tell you that i was asked about my home,stairs,do i use a wheelchair or other equipment.Answers i gave were totally honest bad idea it would appear as i was refused.i am not saying to lie outright but on reflection of my answers i should have amended the truth slightly.I am now aware that there are some trick type questions ie do you got out ,shopping daily routine well i told the truth and said i really only go out to school or medical appointments wrong answer as it appears that you should go out as often as possible as they think the idea of awarding a b.b to someone who mostly stays in is not going to be beneficial when in fact the opposite would happen as me personally i want to go out i am fed up of four walls so when i get my badge i will most certainly use it daily just to go out and not worry about the walk from car park to store.I was also asked what a b.b would mean to me i answered that i would go out more without worry of fines and parking away from where i wish to go as i cannot walk far without pain and i think that correct answer is you wish to become more social and independent .The physical side of the assessment /;i was made to walk the length of the building outside ouch it hurt and after that i was asked to raise both hands above my head i failed this following a car accident in oct last year ,then raise each leg up again i failed this i used both my hand to lift my legs up slightly so i did not even complete that and yet i failed.I was also asked if i ever drag my leg i answered no but it feels like wading through water and i limp anyway again i believe the answer they want is yes.,as i said maybe it would be wise to amend any honest to God truth.I also am profoundly deaf in my left ear and only 40% in my right ear and the o.t dismissed the fact that having a hearing problem like mine causes improper balance and i am forever falling over yet i did not get awarded the badge at that time.I wrote a letter of complaint regarding the remarks made by the o.t and also asked for my medical file to be reviewed and within two days i had a phone call to say that upon review the decision has been overturned and i am now waiting for my b.b and i can't wait yippie so there is hope honestly if you do not get awarded appeal it straight away and best of luck to you, x jo


ps I also have an OT coming round in the morning to assess my situation as I have asked for help with either a stairlift or downstairs toilet ... I've just come to the point where i'm not coping well at home anymore and need some physical help, we can't afford to move or I would, a bungalow in a quiet spot would be wonderful ...!


P.s tell the assessor about that visit and the outcome if it helps.Also a little tip if you feel really awful after any physical activity and it makes you hurt then maybe it would be wise to do some before your medical as i did and the walk had me shaking and biting my lip ,stopping every few steps and near tears so i certainly was not faking any pain as this is a true reflection of me after any form of activity.Hope you may find something useful in this that may help you.x jo


Hi Jo, thanks for the replies, I intend to read them through several times and try and remember all you've said, my memory is affected by the fibro, drugs etc. I am very grateful to hear from you and thank you for going to the trouble of giving such detailed replies, I know it takes a lot to concentrate and type etc. It is appreciated. I will let you know how it goes. So the assessor at the BB med is an OT? I thought maybe it would be a doctor. I shall tell them about tomorrow aswell.

I have a really bad headache at the moment, so shall be turning my computer off in a minute, but thanks again and look forward to further correspondence x Shelley


Hi Shelly,I am just glad to be able to help as i had no clue nor help beforehand on the b.b medical and stupidly i assumed that it would be along the lines of my esa medical when in fact it was much more precise and very detailed and very very long i was i there for one hour and thirty five minutes first half hour was walking or trying to it took that lenght of time rest was talking talking and talking grr lol.I have since noted that some areas are more likely to award b.b than others and some assessments are shorter depending on the actual o.t.I did ask what happens after the assessment and response was that the report and medical information goes to a panel of experts specializing in whatever medical conditions which are noted so effectively the o.t was saying it's not my decision but please don't be fooled as we all know it whats written in that assessment that we are judged upon .Hope you find something in here which may help you and again good luck ,take care x jo


Totally agree shelley....don't tell them about the things you can do sometimes but tell them how it is at your worst. They will look for any reason not to give out a badge so don't give them any :)

Big hugs to you and I'm sure it will be fine. Let us know how you get on.

E x :)


congrats, im just investigating getting one so u have given me hope x


Hi Tinkerfae,Bless you and good luck with getting your badge xx


Thanks enazena and thanks again jolow, I have good news, I received the letter saying I will receive my blue badge in the next couple of weeks - I felt hope, as if at last there is some justice in the world!

However I think I nearly blew it, I forgot all the good advice you both gave at my actual assessment. I could have kicked myself near the end when she actual said to me I was sort of borderline and what would having the badge mean to me, I spent the next 10 minutes before I left telling her how bad things were and how much the badge would help me get out etc.

I think I was fortunate in that the assessor was sympathetic to my condition, having a friend of her own with ME.

Also when I got my appt for the assessment through I had to ring and change it and I asked if I needed a doctors letter as the letter said take any you may have, he said no I didn't need to but it could help my case. So I then wrote to my doctor and asked if he could write me a letter stating my conditions, to take to my assessment, which I listed in my request, and he obliged, that helped me too because I wasn't sure whether he believed in the condition or not!

I wish I had tried to behave as I am physically on a bad day though, especially with the walking outside the building, as I was actually having one of my better days, because what you actually do at the assessment is apparently one of the main factors involved in getting the badge, well that's what she told me.

Anyway I am very thankful to have it and can now move on to the next step

Love and thanks, Shelley xxx


FANTASTIC news Shelly,Well done to you i am so glad that you have had a positive outcome without too much stress and hassle.Thank you for telling us your news and many congratulations ,no doubt the result will put a spring in your step and a smile on your face so i am glad that any advice given by us on here was beneficial and helped you and hopefully others who read our posts will fight for their rights too .Have a great day p.s i am still waiting for my badge lol so slow here but i cannot wait xxxx


Thanks Jolow, It has given me more motivation not to give up and to carry on with all the things we have to try and deal with, esp. making enquiries and claims for help and benefits etc. I hope all those who are struggling will be helped to get the help they need too.

Hope your badge arrives very quickly now, it must be due any day now xxx


ps. for me, there were two big reasons for wanting the badge, which together I am hoping will help me to get out the house. Firstly, the obvious reason of being able to park as near to possible to where ever i'm going so that I don't run out of energy before I even get there!

Secondly so that I can apply for a disabled parking bay outside my home because if I take the car out I often have to park quite a distance (for me anyway) from my house when I come home and this alone stops me going out too... So I am hoping that will also be agreed now that I have the blue badge and then I look forward to going out and seeing if I can get a Christmas present or two for my two granddaughters, they live abroad and I haven't even seen the youngest yet, she was born in June, because I am not well enough to make the journey, it breaks my heart, i've seen photos and I skype my daughter etc, but I so want to give my new little grandchild a cuddle and get to know her ....


hi Shelly,bless you hun hopefully you will soon feel well enough to travel and it's great that you have the gumption to fight for things that will make your life easier and thanks for cluing me up as i never even considered a space near my home but i will now lol xxx good luck keep us posted on your progress as it is great when we hear stories of personal battles won


Hi Jolow, bless you too and thanks for the message. The only reason I thought of trying to get a disabled space outside my house, on the street, is that there are others in the street. I found out about applying by going on my County Council Website, the one where you can also download application forms for DLA etc.

By having one outside my house it will mean so much to me, it will help so much and it won't be depriving anyone else, because if someone parks outside my house I have to find somewhere outside somebody else's etc. etc.

Unfortunately most of these things, like the benefits are not easy to know about etc. I have needed help for a couple of years but only recently made myself start actually applying for things, trouble is i'm in bed so much with CFS and such poor sleeping habits etc. and so little energy etc. that it has been like a full time job to fill in all the forms and finding things out etc. Found my application at I don't know what county you are in but hope that makes your search quicker xxx


Hi Shelly,You are welcome.I am new to the whole system so i have no great understanding of the process and i am learning as i go along ,mostly i am shuffling around in the dark as no one tells you what you may or may not be entitled to and so far i have only applied for the blue badge and had a fight to get it but i am taking that as a positive step lol pun intended.Next i am going to apply for dla in any form and see what transpires from that if anything.Because i look fit and healthy mostly i know i will have another battle but mentally i am not quite ready for that so i am taking my time ,i have had forms for a few weeks but as yet have not even read through them.My time seems to be taken up with my young son,school runs and doctors,hospital and other appointment it drives me crazy and i become too exhausted mentally and physically to do anything other than collapse into bed but i do intend to start on those forms today.Thank you for the above information and i will check it out as it would also be a great help to me as where i park normally always seems to be occupied as lady in corner house is elderly and has carers there throughout the day and if i am not parked then they do which is understandable ,the ladys daughter visits every other weekend for the whole of weekend and i lose that space whenever she is there and once when i asked if she could move forward so i could park i was told no and she shut the door in my face so as you can imagine it would help me in that.I believe that they applied for a space for wheelchair parking but got refused as the mom does not drive and family only visit not live there.I will look into it so thank you.I also know that i need more help but i seem to have a problem with asking or putting other people out mainly my two daughter's 17/21 but i do become overwhelmed with keeping up in things such as shopping,housework,paying bill's and things that i have done for many years without even thinking of them but these days it's appointments appointments continually leaving little time or energy for much else which makes me angry at myself and grumpy in general grrrr rant over now honest but my point is that going from being physically and mentally independent to this is scary and i try not show how much it affects me to my kids or rely upon them too much it's neither right nor fair on anyone.I would say that physically i am about a quarter of who i was and mentally half as i have serious concerns about my memory where a few weeks ago i was shown a photo of my son at about 8 wks old and i had no idea who he was thats the truth and i am horrified with myself.Anyway thinking positive thoughts now i will check out the link you sent ,thank you and i will start on forms today.So good luck to you with your application let us know how you get on xx take care have a good day,jo


Hi Jo, It is good that you got the blue badge even though after a fight and that it gives you some strength, hope and motivation to take another step. I know what you mean about not wanting to ask for help, I feel the same, which is why it took me so long to start looking into things, but none of asked to be ill. I saw an OT yesterday and she was really encouraging, she said it is nothing you have or haven't done, you have an illness, a very difficult one to deal with as it isn't visible like a broken leg or similar, but nonetheless - however it happened, she said it was probable that we have some genetic disposition that was triggered by something, none of which is our fault. I think that belief and acceptance of such an illness is difficult for others but also for us, but she said acceptance helps because if we are fighting within ourselves over our illness we are using up a lot of valuable energy which could be better spent ... don't know if i've put this very clearly?

I also relate to the fear you mention, I have experienced that recently and although a lot of fears we have may be negative I think the kind of fear that comes with realisation that you need help can be a good motivating force to get the help we need.

Anyway I wish you all the best and the strength you need to get the help you need. I feel this year I am operating at about 25% compared to last year and I wasn't good last year, it is frightening but it is also important to get some sort of help in place.

As a mother with a family it seems wrong to have to ask our kids for help but perhaps they would want to help if we told them how they might be able to.

Wishing you many blessings in the days to come, Shels xxx


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