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Blue Badge Assessment

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I have my assessment tomorrow for my blue badge, only put application in during August. Have read through the guidelines for assessors and they have to time you walking down a corridor, your speed, balance, correct use of walking aid, etc. They watch how you take off your jacket, sit down and stand up again. They even watch how you get into and leave the building. I'm worried sick about it because they are trying to reduce the number of disabled badge permits in my area. Anyone any advice?

It doesn't help that I can't sleep for worrying either. Worried that they might think I don't use my walking stick properly.

Should I use my crutches or scooter instead?

Have a twitch free night with plenty of good quality sleep and a day of much reduced pain tomorrow. Love and hugs to all xx🐒🐷

10 Replies
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I have no experience of this but I would suggest you use whatever walking aid is most comfortable on the day even your scooter if needed, we are rarely the same two days in a row that's what causes the problems. Good luck for tomorrow. Lou xxx

I agree totally with what Lou has said and send you loads of positive vibes for tomorrow πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™‚

Foggy x

I do not have any experience of this either, as Julie gets hers without assessment. I would have thought that the less mobile that you appear the better it would be? I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x :)



I haven't commented or posted here much before but just wanted to wish you Good Luck for your assesment. It looks like they appear to be much stricter now than when I was first issued a badge 12 years ago...

I was initially turned down because at the time I was in the process of an appeal for DLA but my OT stepped in and got the blue badge decision over turned. At the time both offices were in the Same building!

But how will they know who you are to watch you getting into the building? Can I suggest that this be treated the same way a DLA appeal hearing is held in that you treat tomorrow as your worst day. Even if it isn't. We all know that every day is different but I'm not convinced that the pewers that be are! I feel they are out to trick us...

If I were you make sure you have someone with you during this process. If your partner doesn't help you take off your coat you might suggest before you.go in that they do.

My hubby is good that way that he knows I cannot manage to get my hands behind my back to pull my coat off so automatically does this for me. Because AI cannot walk for more that. 10 or so steps unaided even with my stick he still holds his arm out for me to hold onto.

Please forgive me if I appear to be teaching my agrandmother to suck eggs as it were because I don't know how badly you are affected but if you are anything like me you won't have any trouble. Just remember to keep yourself safe and if you can't manage to walk down the hall then don't! In fact even better, use a wheelchair! I cannot self propel because of the pain and have to be pushed around!!

Good Luck!! :)

Many thanks to everyone for your advice and support, I am so worried in case I get refused. I have to go on my own as my partner has a hospital appointment at the same time.

I am going to use my scooter and not walk hardly at all. I hate lying to people but this seems to be a necessary evil to get something to help me.

Makes me wish all those people who abuse blue badges had to put up with our pain and daily challenges to then appreciate how much it can and does help others.

Take care everyone and wishing you all good health, wealth and happiness for Christmas and the New Year, I couldn't do this without you xxx

Please don't lie. Its the people who lie who have caused so much trouble for those like you who have a genuine need. Its sounds as if you won't have any trouble convincing them anyway.

I don't have a blue badge myself but I get so mad at the abusers of the system. I know people who use their grannies badge and a guy who walks his dogs miles every day but still pretends he needs to park in the blue badge spaces.

And those who park there without a badge ....... Who agrees that it should be a fine and points off the licence for misusing a space ?

Good luck with your assessment


Good luck, keeping everything crossed for you.


I dont think anyone needs to lie as that wouldnt be fair. You say it how it is on a bad day and bear in mind how much you struggle when you are out. I am sure you will be fine as fibromyalgia is defnitely a disability S far as I am concerned. Dont worry and I am sure sll will be well. Please let us know how you go on. I worried before mine but I was just honest and had all the medical evidence e.g MRI results etc and it wasnt anything like as bad as I expected. Worrying now as I am going to apply for Attendance Allowance after Christmas. Have you applied for this, anyone?


I agree, there is no need to lie, I didn't lie but took the advice of a welfare rights worker when he fought my appeal, treat each day as if it were your last! He won my appeal for me, my OT got my blue badge over turned.

I've had ME since '97 & Fibromyalgia since 2000. Didn't even know I could have got a blue badge for having ME. It wasn't till I was seeing the OT for a stairlift assesment that she told me I am entitled to one.

She had seen exactly how badly I was walking, told me that there were several things that I was entitled to like DLA but they turned me down for that thanks to the lies a Dr told in his report, all the while telling me he agreed with everything I said. I had him on tape, with his knowledge I might add but his report came back littered with lies, hense the welfare rights worker!

When my term ended and I reapplied not only was I given it for longer they upped me from low care to middle care, full mobility! Then on next application I got high care and mobility and indefinite award! All without a single lie!

Really do hope it went well for you. Did they give you a decision today?...

Hello Scottish-piglet,,I have never heard of the assessment for a blue badge for parking down here in cheshire we just put the application in, have to sit for a terrible photograph, pay Β£10 and show proof of who you are, where you live and proof of benefit and they send you a new one in the post.

Now about the assessment, I would use my crutches, and move slowly, placing the crutches down with purpose, always remembering that the corridor is level and dry, and make sure that you balance yourself,,if it hurts,,limp,,,and why are they making you go through such distressing process????

Good luck to you,,ttfn from Karen.

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