Fibromyalgia and Blue Badge

I have fibromyalgia and am going for my blue badge assessment what can I expect? Will they tell me while I'm there if I got it?


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  • Hey,

    On my first assessment, I went to the center and they asked me lots of questions, very similar to what you fill in on the application and then we went for a walk. I didn't hear back straight away and I sadly didn't get it. When I moved to Bracknell, I applied again, a really lovely man came to the house at a time convenient to me, he asked me lots of questions and we went for a short walk and he approved it then and there. It's a really difficult one as so much is not known about our condition. My advice would be to be completely honest and I will admit I did get emotional over mine! Don't let it get you down if you don't receive it first time, just keep focusing on it and being amazing xxxxx

  • Thank you for replying. I just hope they don't mess me around today as I'm in so much pain.

  • No problem at all! Is the assessment today? It sounds silly but is better to have it when you are feeling worse as they will be able to see that! xxxx

  • Do you mind me asking which area you applied in? I'm in Birmingham so going to Aston centre.

  • So I was originally in Wycombe so I applied to the Buckinghamshire center, But i have moved to Bracknell so I went to the Bracknell Forest Council assessment xxx

  • Oh ok. Yours was in different area from mine. Hopefully they give it easier over here. Will let you know later on how I got on. As it's for 3:30. Xx

  • Yes definitely let me know hun! I have everything crossed for you xxxx

  • Hi got my blue badge. Thank you for the support. Xx

  • I'm so happy for you hun :) hope you are feeling better today :) xxx

  • Hi Daniell thank you I'm so glad I got it. Not feeling too good again in a lot of pain. Xx

  • Take it easy today and get loads of rest xxx

  • Thank you. Xx

  • Yes my assessment is today but feel I have no energy at all. Which is good in one way I suppose since I'm going there. Xx

  • Yes it will hopefully work in your 'favor' as they will be able to see how much you are struggling! xxx

  • How long have you had fibromyalgia for? Xx

  • Hi. Dmehat

    I applied for my blue badge about 2 months ago. For some reason I never had too go for an assessment. Hope all goes welll for you.

  • I applied, filled in the form and sent copies of my diagnosis letter and copy of the recommended medication (which I don't take as too many side effects for me). I felt I was being watched from the car park but didn't mind as I wasn't hiding anything. I was collected from reception by the occupational therapist. She took me into a room and asked me about my particular issues. She was so kind and after about 20 minutes she walked me again to reception (took ages as I use elbow crutches). She said she wasn't allowed to tell me there and then but I would get a letter within 2 weeks. I did get the letter with the blue badge attached :) It has given me back my life. Well worth the effort.

  • Thank you for your reply Dinkie. It's so hard getting out to do shopping when you know all the close parking spots are taken and you have difficulty walk from far.

  • I got my blue badge the lady was lovely to deal with and understood my pain. Xx

  • That's wonderful news Dmehat congratulations xx

  • Thank you Dizzy. Thanks for the support. Xx

  • I'm thinking of applying. The thought of forms and assessments put me off.

  • No harm in trying and the forms aren't that bad.

  • Yes I'll look into it thanks.

  • Good luck.

  • Thanks for posting and the replies, I have mine next week! Really helpful thanks.

  • Hi ...i have never thought of applying for blue badge only been diagnosed for just over a year ....but on a bad day pain is bad xx

  • If you don't try you won't know. Xx

  • Hey ...yes that's very true .. but like everything else now a days everything is so difficult to get xx

  • i live in the midlands and everything is done online ...if u hv been awarded 12 points or more in ur pip mobility award they give u a blu badge ..mine took just under 5 weeks to process ...good luck hope it goes well 4u !

  • Hi Fiz, I went for an assessment on that day I wrote the post. I got the blue badge. I've been on PIP but I don't get anything for mobility as my PIP assessment was in 2015 and I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia just last October. X

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