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I am incredibly stupid. How can you get your blue badge withdrawn if you have applied for DLA/PIP and dont get it. My local council issued my blue badge. Does the DWP issue them? If I don't tell my local council I've failed DLA how will they know to take it away? I haven't yet applied for the new PIP, looking at the Descriptors I think I have a good chance (well fairish) but I'm worried about losing my blue badge if I don't get it so haven't applied yet. Sorry to be so dumb but can anyone put me straight please.

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  • I don't think it can be withdrawn like thaT. So first thing s first have you got a current blue badge? Get it ordered by filling in the form and sending a picture. Good now you have it . Next put your application in for PIP dont worry they really are there to help! xgins

  • i think you have to renew regularly, so if you dont re-apply whilst waiting for a decision on a claim for PIP, it will lapse. if i were you i think i would re-apply for the blue badge and inform them you are applying for PIP as well.

    It's a mess isn't it? Good luck, fingers crossed. Tulip xx

  • Hi, yes I have a blue badge valid until 2015, but if I fail DLA/PIP will they take it away in 2015 and do you have to reapply for blue badge from council or do they send you a reminder letter?

  • They do send a reminder well Nottingham City Council do. Hope this helps.

  • iv had a blue badge since they were orange badges and i have never received a reminder. you are lucky. i have make sure i add it to the diary for three yrs afteri gt the current one xx

  • Thanks all for helping, its a bit clearer at least. I will try for PIP once I've got the dreaded ESA Atos rubbish sorted out.

  • My local council DONT send reminders & are now charging us (£10 or 15) for a 3yr badge, so Im told, whilest more & more car parks are private & we have to pay anyway!

    Does it auto.atically follow that if you lose DLA/PIP you are not entitle you to a blue badge?!

  • I applied for blue badge online and had it in my hand within 18days without dla or medical.

    the small print somewhere states that you don't have to be in receipt of dla to apply, luckily or i'd still be waiting now! dla claim been going on since feb! lol

  • You dont need DLA to get a blue badge I Have one but just recently the walking distance criteria etc has changed, I probably wont be easily granted a new one again .

  • Wow 18 days to get a blue badge, thats amazing. Had to wait about 6 weeks, best thing I have ever got and now i'm one of those narky souls that go mad at people parking in disabled spaces without a badge. I have a couple of years to go on my badge so once ATOS is out of the way (could be about christmas the way things go) I think I will try and apply for DLA again.

    Thanks to everyone for your valuable info. hugs xx

  • i think they can take it back if you don't notify them of the situation. if the blue badge was awarded on the basis of HR mobility, my understanding is that they will ask you to complete a new application and possibly attend an Atos style medical. i do believe they can share info between departments.

    all Blue badges although issued by your local authority, they are now all dealt with at a central place in the country somewhere. they may contact your GP and a medical may not be necessary.

    If you take the chance and continue using it although you have had your DLA withdrawn, they could take it away and fine you.... :( :( only just saying this as i have recently reapplied for mine. ive had one since they were orange badges, the terms have changed a lot since then! they get renewed every three years, when does yours expire?

    everyone has to pay £10 even for a renewal now :( xx

  • Hi fibro, I've never been granted DLA, always been turned down. I applied for the blue badge because the Disability Employment Advisor told me to, because of my fibro, arthritis and my husband has a new hip and waiting for the second. So I only get ESA Support at the moment. So I got it for medical reasons but not because of DLA, cant remember what section applied to me, 3 I think. It doesn't expire till July 2015. Thats why I'm asking if it was DLA related could they still take it away from me (the blue badge) in 2015 if I've never had DLA and then get turned down for it if I apply now.

  • sorry i didn't get back, I've not been on here for a few days, by the sounds of t f you had to o through all the medical etc and was awarded the badge that why, i cant see how they could take it away. I'm sure you will be fine.

    your husband if he has mobility problems then he would be assessed separately, you you getting a badge wouldn't have been dependant on his needs. he should apply too..... although i did read at one time that having a replaced hip does not warrant a badge, which to me is utter rubbish. the person who made that ruling as obviously never had a replaced hip., if thats still on the form i would still ignore it and insist that it's fully assessed on his needs.

    I had a new hip 10 yrs. ago, i was too young realty to have it done, but it has never enabled me to walk any better, but took away the pain of bone grinding on bone. also because its the same site a several major ops its left me me severe neuropathic pain, even my consultant cant touch the area without hurting me. so on paper they would read mine as hip replacement and chuck it out! so when pip starts reviewing live awards of DLA from 2015 i feel a battle coming in as they wont automatically new my badge although i have been getting worse since i first applied.

    im sure you will be fine, but don't leave it until yours runs out as not all councils send reminders. i have lived in different areas and have never had reminders from any. i have always had to ask for a new form each time. usually i phone about 3 months before the old one runs out. xx

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