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Blue badge acceptance arrived today!


I got my blue badge so I dont have to work out if I can actually get as far as the shops lol :) well on a good day anyway.

It was worth the wait.

Still waiting for the barristers notes from my disastrouse tribunal which I had a month to appeal from. Its 2 months now and havnt got notes. The minute they hit my doormat I will have a month to get the legal eagles in action. Unfair timescales eh???

Hope you are all well

x NN :)

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Well done on the blue badge - they are so very useful!

Julie xx


hi, NN enjoy your blue badge! what tribunal?

regards, sandra


Hi Sandra, my tribunal was for DLA, it took them 10 months to get that far and it was a fiasco. In process of challenging on point of law as thats the only option after tribunal, BUT im still going to do it as the GP statement was simply a death sentence.

:) NN


Glad you've got your badge at last. Will make such a difference parking etc. Still waiting for mine. They have taken the £10 quickly enough but still waiting! X


Update!! Blue badge just arrived in post today! Now I don't have to worry about going places I don't know as I will now be able to park and actually get in and out of the car & the car park!!! X


Congratulations both, had my badge since January and it is a godsend - makes a nice change to hear a YES instead of the usual NO no nos doesn't it xxx


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