Blue badge acceptance arrived today!


I got my blue badge so I dont have to work out if I can actually get as far as the shops lol :) well on a good day anyway.

It was worth the wait.

Still waiting for the barristers notes from my disastrouse tribunal which I had a month to appeal from. Its 2 months now and havnt got notes. The minute they hit my doormat I will have a month to get the legal eagles in action. Unfair timescales eh???

Hope you are all well

x NN :)

6 Replies

  • Well done on the blue badge - they are so very useful!

    Julie xx

  • hi, NN enjoy your blue badge! what tribunal?

    regards, sandra

  • Hi Sandra, my tribunal was for DLA, it took them 10 months to get that far and it was a fiasco. In process of challenging on point of law as thats the only option after tribunal, BUT im still going to do it as the GP statement was simply a death sentence.

    :) NN

  • Glad you've got your badge at last. Will make such a difference parking etc. Still waiting for mine. They have taken the £10 quickly enough but still waiting! X

  • Update!! Blue badge just arrived in post today! Now I don't have to worry about going places I don't know as I will now be able to park and actually get in and out of the car & the car park!!! X

  • Congratulations both, had my badge since January and it is a godsend - makes a nice change to hear a YES instead of the usual NO no nos doesn't it xxx

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