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Does any one have problem eyes in the morning?

When I get up my eyes are misty sore and it takes quite a long while before I can see out of my right eye any ideas? I usually wet loo paper and sit with it pressed on the eye as it seems so hot and sore. Anyway once it is sorted no further prob through the day which is good. so Morning all hope you all slept a bit and are refreshed. gentle hugs x gins

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Hi Gins,

I also have this problem and my eyesight is getting bad like you.

My dear dad used to swear by bathing your eyes with cold tea.

Perhaps you should see your GP. i saw mine a few weeks ago and she has referred me to rheumatology and i am going to make a list of everything that is wrong with me.

Hope you feel better soon.

Gentle Hugs

Bonnie Lass


Hi gins, I have just woken up and every morning my eyes are bad, they don't work proper, it is hard for me to discribe, but i will try, they take longer than normal to properly focus on anything and they feel like I have lots of sleep in them but i dont, they can sometimes feel achy even though I have had them closed and rested all night. I am due for my eyes tested but have been putting it off, I suppose because I don't want to be told that you have xyz because of your fibro, as im bloody sick of my fibro and it taking over my life at the moment :-( gentle hugs. Hilly xx


Yes i have now.ive been opticians been told its my m.e

Called dry eye get it,checked out.

Ive been told get up and a hot face cloth over your ey

es.for few mins.

And you can buy eye drops as well for it.hope this helps x


Thanks sammy38 that sounds good I use cold water for few mins an it helps I have eye drops but they sting I am a whimp will get it checked soon.

best wishes x gins


hi yes i get up and sometimes i cant ficus i have to keep one eye shut to let it focus and then i dothe other one it is weird and i see double too lol oh well just another thing for the list ha ha love diddle xxx


my eyes are the same in the morning, i cant see a thing so not able to go an get anything to put on them


So do I bit thought it was just me x soft hugs x


I would use loo paper due to dust from the paper it could make it worse. cotton wool would be better, especially cotton wool pads.

I have suffered from dry eyes for a number of years now. the optician did a little test with some dye. he recommended hypromelose which is basically artificial tears. I have to use the drop at least 4 times a day, but could be many more times too, there is no limit. I was getting excruciating pain in my eyes as I turned my head. unfortunately, the drops are for life. you can get them on rescription but cheaper to buy from the chemist.

they do Mae a gel that lasts longer in the eyes and doesn't have to be used so often but I find the drops ok,

it's more likely to be as a side effect of medication but I did read somewhere it's one of the many items llisted as a symptom of Fibromyalga, but I'm more convinced it's the side effects of meds we take for it..., a bit like the chicken and the egg...... which came first.

I don't find mornings any worse than during the day. I can wake up mthe night and have to put the drops in too.... mine are extremely dry and not mch I can really do about it!



About 4 weeks ago i woke up to a painful red rimed left eye, thought i was run down and that a stye was starting :( it has been red, itcy and 'achey'. Nothing more developed re the stye but now both eyes are as described as above. The GP gave me 'Viscotears eye gel' and it is the only thing that eases them, but they don't seem to want to improve :( GPsaid they could be like this for life!!! GREAT :(((

Didn't realise this could be part of Fibro but then why am i not surprised lol

Take it easy guys and have a good day!

Jillybee xx


I don't get it all the time but am experiencing it at present. I have been diagnosed with cataracts.

It seems at it's worst in the morning and the evening and can be good or bad though the day. There are times when I cannot read the text on the TV screen. If reading a magazine or paper it helps if there is more light and almost impossible in artificial light.


Yes I have eye problems I went to the doctors AND they told me I have dry eye problems and gave me eye cream

For the night time and some for thought the day so go and see your doctor for it


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