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Hi, I am new to this and am wondering if some of you could answer something for me please. I have had fibro for about 18 years , but this past 18 months have been the worse. Lately I have been having trouble focusing, like today I am having trouble reading the comments on the computor. Can any-one tell me if this is just another symptom I will have to start accepting. thank you pearl x

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Hey Pearl, welcome, and gentle hugs to you!

I've been getting problems focusing these past 10 months - like you I find it hard to focus on the computer screen - and the TV - which is only 10ft from where I'm sitting and the fact it's a 32" flat screen! AND I wear glasses for close-up, reading etc., PLUS glasses for distance. I'm now getting more confused, as at times I am never sure which glasses I am wearing and could a mix-up be causing the lack of decent focus. It's damned scary at times - and I get headaches from struggling to focus. For now, I'm putting the blame on the Fibro until I next see my Opthalmist and find out for sure what's going on.


Carol xx


Hi im new to hun its very hard to grasp at time i do have eyes that dont focus properly at various times though the day some times my glasses help but not the next hope you can get to the bottom of it love to you


hi pearl iv been on this site only a couple of months iv found it very helpful and have made some friends i to have problems trying to focus ,my eyes get watery and sore and i usualy get a headache from it x


Hi Pearl, I found out i had fibro last yr. Had never needed glasses be for. But i do now. Fibro can affect your eyes. The focus and watery eyes. I get that and stinging. My g.p has given me eye drops for it. Welcome to this site. Hope i have been of help. hug n love to you. Helen xxx


Hi Pearl. My eyesight was the first thing to go. I now wear varilux type glasses. with lenses which are light reactive since FM sufferers are very sensitive to light. Take eye drops for dry eye which we also have a tendency towards.good luck! Fibro hugs xx


Hi Pearl, yes to your question along with excruciaing headaches. My Optician said your eyes chsnge rapidly with Fibro.

Hugs x x x


Thank you everyone for your replies, dont feel so bad now that I know I am not the only person this is happening to, and yes I do get very bad headaches with it. Someone suggested it may be optical migraines I am taking, so will have to speak to doc at next check-up. So a big thank you to all who replied, it was much appreciated, and good to know I have people to talk to who understands what I am talking about. Hugs to you all xxx


Hello Petal, it is quite common with Fibromyalgia to have focussing problems and also variable sight sometimes. We can also be sensitive to light which doesn't help when trying to see things or reading etc. Also sensitive to sound and touch - our senses can be very heightened. I find with my eyes it's very variable, one day I have no problems at all, the next day I can't bear any artificial lights on in the house, every sound is deafening, and then the next day I can be fine again. It can be very frustrating sometimes but it is just another Fibro-linked symptom. Having said that, if you are worried or suspect it's your eyesight in general, please see your GP or your optician to rule any other conditions out. Most likely your GP would tell you to see your optician anyway to be on the safe side. Take care Petal and everyone! :) :)


Thank you for the advice, LibbyDe, I have had my eyes tested just recently and had a slight change in my eyes but optician said nothing to worry about. The focusing problems have really just started over the last few months. With all the lovely weather we have been having here in Scotland I have been wearing my sunglasses most of the day, and this has really helped. so I think you could be right and it is to do with light sensitivety. Just something else to add to my loooong list, me thinks. lol x


when i was checked by a specialist she said dry eyes was a big indication of fibro so i would think eyes are affected in fact i jope soor amgoing blind..


I always thought it was linked to the fibrofog and fatigue as I always struggle to focus more when I'm having a bad day. Just like lack of concsntration..


Yep, that describes me too. Perfectly. Thanks.


After years of problems with my right eye focusing yet I could read an eye test fine even though it felt like it was foggy at the same time,i was sent to a hospital optition where he said my eye was physically fine, it was neurological like a kind of headache or migraine that has no pain but visual disturbance's. It was specsavers optition who refered my after the third time on a eye test I still had the same complaint :-)


hi Pearl, I have problems with my eyes too. I started to wear glasses about ten years ago when I was training as a driving instructor and couldn't see the number-plates I was asking my students to read!!!

Since then I've had to have new glasses about once a year as my sight is getting worse.

Usual re-tests for glasses is two years but I have to go every year.

If I went every time my glasses become insufficient, I'd be there every six months or so!!

I don't go that often purely because I couldn't ever afford to!!

Just seems to part of the illness I'm afraid :(

Take care of you xxxxxxxx


Hi Pearl

I have had trouble with blurred vision, particularly the last year.

I wear glasses for close work, but I have a cataract in my right eye, which has worsened. It got so bad i had to ask friends to type in capitals on sites and emails as I was having to shut my right eye to focus.

I have dry eyes and mouth, so I use moisturising drops for my eyes.

This dry eye and mouth thing has recently been diagnosed as Sjogren's syndrome and the pills I was given by the rhuemalotologist made my eye sight worse, so I stopped them.

It seems like the list is endless of symptoms and problems, but I don't know if they are all down to Fibro.

I have a history of glaucoma in the family so I go regularly for a sight test.

Recently have been 2 or 3 times in one year, and had my glasses upgraded.

Apparently I do not need glasses for driving, but I hate driving in the dark, as the glare affects my eyes.

Hugs from Plumcake :)


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