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Flashing lights in eyes and blurred vision in one eye!!!!!

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I've got blurred vision and flashes lights which is making it difficult for me to see properly in my left eye. Started this morning and its getting worse.Has anyone else had this or should I have it checked out. Its really starting to worry me.

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I've had this a couple of times recently and it's then been followed by a really upset tummy. I think Lynn's right, it could be a migraine .

If in doubt, get it checked out . I think sometimes we forget that just because we have Fibro doesn't mean every problem we have is caused by that . We're not immune to other problems so if it doesn't go on it's own see your GP.



Someone else said that to me,though I've never had a migraine. It started around 1015am,and hasnt gone yet x

Thanks girls,I think I'll phone the docs and see what they have to say. Probably nothing but best to be safe than sorry xx

I have had the same sort of thing and it was migraine in the end - now it have a really good help called rizatriptan (Maxalt) which you just put in your mouth and let it dissolve and go in the through the blood vessels in your mouth, particulary good if you get sickness as one of your symptoms. Wish I could be of more help. you have my total sympathy - its a horrid experience, so I suggest you try and get in touch with your doctor and discuss the way forward, but for now, dark room, cool flannel and try not to get too dehydrated - take small sips of water if you can - drying up your system may make you feel worse. Muchly x

Bless, gentle hugs, best to get it checked Lou x

Hi i had his once and wen to GP she said it sounded like a migraine snd gave me migraleve but you are best go to see your own GP and get it checked before you start taking meds that arent prescribed fro you love to you diddle x

i get insane migraine see lights hear noises my joints are really bad n have neuropathy

depression goes hand in hand with pain

It does sound like migraine, I will try to describe the way they affect me as I suffer from them a lot and you can tell they are not a "normal" headache as they typcialy come with the blurred vision and flashing lights, alongside that you can get unbearable pain that feels like its in or around one eye or the other which often makes you feel ( or be ) sick,

It is possible to get migraine without any pain tho, you just get the blurry vision and /or flashing lights.

Another part of it is that you can't communicate properly, your words get slurred or you just can't make any sense at all. all you can do is lay down in a darkened room and hope that it goes away soon, I have had migraine attacks that last for a few hours & ones that have lasted days. I have to have someone take the the tablets out of the packaging and give me them at the right times because it renders me incapable of even doing that. and sometimes have to sip water through a straw because thats the only way I can get hydrated.

So migraine can go from being mild with no pain but the affected vision to so bad you can't think or function because of the pain.

Thats my experience with migraine anyway, I have been diagnosed by the doctor with it but my whole family gets them, apparantly it can be a genetic thing and come on at any time of life. Some people never get them but when you do it's horrible.

you should go to the doctor and tell them your symptoms, they might want to check you out for anything else it could be but if it is migraine they will prob give you some medication to help.....it doesnt always work but it does sometimes and can be a great relief.

Try to relax and rest! I hope you feel better soon ! x

There are many different types of migraine, but it does sound like one to me too. I take imigran having found migraleve unhelpful after a while. Sometimes my migraines have been so bad they have made me sick, sometimes flashing lights.

I have found that dehydration sets it off as does over heating. Unfortunately with FM my temperature at night is not particularly good. However my FM medication seems to be helping, although I have had one or two since I began taking it. I am on Lyrica and Amitriptyline, Tegretol for epilepsy. Not that I am saying my medication will make any difference for anyone else.

It may seem odd to suggest this too, but my mother used to give us cola and chocolate cake if we have had an upset stomach and I have found I can drink a lot of cola, whereas water doesn't stay down. If you are sick after eating chocolate, it is more pleasant to bring up than anything else. Sorry, sounds like quackery, but give it a try. Or not, up to you of course.

Good luck and soft hugs, hope you feel better soon.

My early onset macular degeneration started this way so an eye test at the optician could be important to prevent damage. I didn't get migraines but do get flashing lights. Sll the best. Euni x

Thank you all soooo much for taking the time to reply to my post. I havent had a migrane or the flashing lights today,was advised to go to a&e last night and have it checked out,they couldnt find anything wrong with my eyes but have refered me to the eye clinic at the hospital tomorrow for a more in depth check. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again everyone xxx

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