ESA medical on Tuesday

I AM SO SCARED! This will be my second medical assessment and i'm so worried! :( I feel awful today and have done now for a few weeks and i'm sure i'm due a major bed bound flare up moment!! At least on Tuesday they will see that I do struggle. Luckily the other half has said she will come and push the wheelchair so i haven't got to walk from the car park to the place as its a right mission and last time took me so much longer than expected! I just don't want to go and do the bending and stretching and trying to tell them everything. I hate to feel like im being judged! On my way last time i had several panic attacks and had to pull the car over get out and calm down.

Another rant whilst im on about ESA is them stupid stupid stupid work base program they are sending me to at the moment!!! It has no disabled access so I find myself struggling with the stairs to get in then waiting and sitting for half an hour only to tell the guy the same story everytime! Its driving me crazy!!! :(!

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  • Wishing you all the best Kim, I hope it all goes well for you. I suppose the only consolation is that this time you know what to expect. Being judged when you genuinely have a debilitating condition is awful. Try to keep calm, easier said than done I know. You are genuine, remember that. My fingers are crossed for you, take care. :)

  • :) Thank you Libby. xxx :)

  • hello kim I hope all goes well for you good luck & gentle hugs love beth xx

  • I wish you all the very best.good luck.

  • Dearest Kim

    All the best to you, I shall think of you tomorrow. xx

  • I too have had numerous medicals via ESA, at the moment i am still awaiting the outcome of my appeal, I have had no benefit since December last year, I wish you all the Best Kim :)

  • How do you cope financially Lin? I'm in the process of losing my benefit & have only my income to support my home & my son x

  • Hi

    I have my esa atos medical on saturday, about my third. I find them really difficult, i dont need any walking aids or assistance other than an escort as i never go anywhere alone. There appears to be nothing visably wrong with me and i feel like a total fraud most of the time let alone in a medical. My mother goes with me and explains what i am like but it just seems like they think im lying. Not looking forward to it at all.

  • Hi,when you go to the work based program DO NOT try to go up the stairs! you are disabled therefore there should be disabled access.You use a wheelchair for a very good reason.Would they expect a person who's paralised to drag themselves up the stairs?(well ok maybe they would!!!) The fact that you are in the building should be good enough.Ask someone to get the person you need to see to come down to you.Good luck today.

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