6 points for esa medical x

hi everyone just thought id share this and see what yous make of it. i went for my medical december last year and was told in january that id failed the medical and that i only had 6 points, this is the bit i find funny and so does my welfare rights officer. the reason they gave me 6 points was because i cant go out myself, yet they say i can go to work, what are they going to do pay for someone to come and get me in the morning and take me 2 work and spend all day with me untill its time to go home. i have appealed this and im still waiting on appeal date since february, the welfae rights officer couldnt believe what he was reading, i then applied for dla and they said no to that also they said they used my medical assesment to make their decision, so i appealed that as well and asked them how they could make a desicion based on a medical i was appealing against, do these ppl actually have a brain im beggining to have serious doubts about them, look forward to any comments yous may have on this lol x

gentle hugs xx

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  • They may have brains but are completely devoid of common sense and understanding!!! They only have 1 goal in life.......make every claimants life a misery in the hope they will give up. Don't do that; you must fight, fight, fight; good luck my thoughts are with you xxx

  • tyvm highlandcow love the name by the way lol, my doctor wasnt to happy when i told him id been refused it and told me to tell them to get in contact with him so fingers crossed x

  • I have a good gp but I don't think even he understands my limitations. I am good at persevering and putting a brave face on things. The thing that drives me potty is that every so often I see a man in the surgery on full benefits, (he is proud to tell me) because he is an alcoholic. So I am thinking do I just drink myself into oblivion and claim and get everything? Maybe I may have to when get called for the new evaluation.

  • That annoys me soooo much. being an alcoholic is self inflicted. Havent they heard of the word NO. It does make you want to become alcoholic, but I wouldnt want to lower myself to that sort of level. I'd rather hold my head up and fight the benefits system with what little strength I have left. Good luck

  • Putting a brave face on things is probably the reason your doc doesn't understand. Next time you go to him lay it on thick and take someone with you.

    for years I struggled on. and it wasn't until I got to the point of saying 'I can't stand this any longer, I want to know what's causing all this', that he finally referred me to a Rheumatologist. Since then I've seen an E.N.T. surgeon and Voice therapist, Physio,Cardiologist and I'm awaiting an Eye Surgeon for cataracts.

    You have to be strong and tell them what you want.

    Cheers, Midori

  • Even tho my doc believes me about my illnesses and treats me accordingly for them, I didnt think he really understood how badly it affects me everyday, because I was guilty of "putting on a brave face". So I wrote a statement of all my symptoms, head to toe and the difficulties I have coping with life with Fibro and all its associated nastiness. At least he was up to date with it and could inform benefits, should they bother to ask him.

  • The reports are always full of lies and they will pick on any excuse to refuse you, but I love the the fact that they have tripped themselves up in your case Sparky. Good luck with your appeals xx

  • Tyvm Lynnh feel a though its taking forever been waiting from start of Feb, will let you know how I get on x

  • Started mine june2011 and tribunal last week so they are taking an age. Be prepared as they will ask you questions about how you were at the time of the assessment. I forgot to refer to my paperwork and I know a couple of points I answered for a year earlier and even through I told them I would have trouble because of memory issues I still feel that is what they based there decisions on. Take your time, I am sure they were trying to rush me too x

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