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About ESA & Anxiety

I'm currently calming esa for anxiety last August I was placed in work related group few months later I passed my driving test at that time I was copping a bit better with it, but my anxiety has got worse again, will this affect my medical as I can drive and have a car?, I can go out in the car only stay in the car as I still feel scared in public but feel safe in car because I feel protected sounds weird but that's how I feel, I recently got a forum through again to fill out for my medical again and just with me passing my test and driving making me woried as if I'm lying to them, let me know your thoughts please

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Do you need to say you drive ? And if you do do they ask when you passed.

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I don't know this will be first medical since i passed, my first medical was a home visit because what I'm like around lots of people, after my first medical they put me in work relegated group so that meant I was first for work but need improvement


II am so sorry to read this, and I would not inform them that you are driving unless they ask you about it? The GOV.UK site says that drivers should inform the DVLA themselves if they feel they are not fit to drive due to illness and medication. So, if you feel safe in your car and are a good driver with consideration for other road users and pedestrians then I cannot see anything to report?

I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I understand feeling safe in your car! I do too. That's one reason I don't like public transport. I've had one panic attack, noise-induced in a restaurant (popping balloons quite close to me). It was very unpleasant, and I went to my car to feel safe and to talk myself down from it. I'm in the US so don't know about ESA, but best of luck to you!!


Hi jceltic I don't want to put a downer on things but if you don't tell them then they can accuse you of fraud. It is withholding information and they will look down on that. You just have to be as honest with them as you can and explain how you feel and how your anxiety impacts on your life. Good Luck x


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