esa medical next wednesday any tips welcome !

morning everyone , would love advice and tips , im so sore today and its hard to think straight i have so much happeneng at the moment which is a little stressful , only been on esa for 3 week and being sent to the medical . im worried by what ive read going into a work related group , i have become worse since being diagnosed in sept . i now have trouble with my bladder , eyes , i have it everywere . Do they have your documents from your doctor ? on the medical .i have all my appoitments from urologist , optition , physio to take .i know its a week away but like to prepare early !

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  • my advice is take someone with u if possible, i had medical in november and went on my own and i am now facing a tribunial as the nurse made up so many lies about the assessment and what i was able to do and i feel if i had someone with me the outcome would have been different.

  • I would not turn up as I would be too unwell to go through with an assessment in such a place. I would put in writing am unable to attend due to consistent ill health. You are not well enough to collate medical documentation they can if they so wish or have the authority to do so. x

  • Both comments above are good advice : - )) if you intend on going then i would consider calling them and let them know you want your medical recorded as this may help. The only thing is it may delay your medical.

    Website with some info on it for you -


  • Hi

    You could also ask them to carry out the medical at home as you are too ill to travel, it's not a guarantee but if they write to your GP and they confirm your ill health then they could allow you to have a medical at home. Also I would ask them asap to record it so there will be no lies or inconsistencies. It might mean they cancel the medical for another time but it will be worth it.

    Remember you are on show from the minute you arrive until the minute you leave and they will watch everything you do and say.

  • i am there in the morning ,my daughter coming ,but im so anxious x

  • Keep a copy of the ESA/50 you filled in, in case you have to appeal. Also keep copies of all doctors letters for the same reason. File them for future use as the ATOS medical is an ongoing process.

  • Ty for replys xx is it normally so quick to have a medical as ive only recieved 2 payments from esa , just been reading peoples experiences of medicals , cant say its very positive , we shouldnt have to go through this stress , im stressing now , well my body is ! Im soo sore , I will fight them tho !

  • Hi

    It sounds like the process has been messed up in your case, I migrated over from Incapacity benefit and didn't have a medical but I have never heard of someone being given the payments and then told they need a medical, it sounds a bit weird.

    Normally they give you a medical if they cannot get enough info from your form to make a decision about which group to put you in. But you are the first person I know of who is already on ESA and then has to go for a medical, unless it is a re-assessment. Have you queried it with the DWP at all?

  • Hi , I thought it was weird I will call them , I will contact citezens advice also xx

  • I was going to mention that but put it down to error, it must be some kind of record for ATOS to make you an appointment that quick. That's how the system should work, you are supposed to be seen within the 13 week assessment phase but because so many people are claiming ESA, most claimants do not get seen for up to 12 months.

    It saves you a lot of hassle from sending in medical certs.

  • Ty esagestapo x

  • Have u just starred claiming ESA

  • Yep , I recieve 2nd payment on monday x

  • Hi that is very quick . Have you already filled in the medical questionnaire ESA/50 as I got this form about 6 weeks after claiming ESA had to fill it in and send if off. I then got an appointment for a medical for November

    Are you getting the full rate of ESA or are you on the assessment rate. I was on the assessment rate from June , then after the medical I was told I wasn't able to claim as I had no points!!! ATOS had made me better. I appealed because I was still unwell no matter what ATOS say, but while I was appealing I was kept on the assessment rate.

    So I can see how you can be on ESA and go from a medical it just seems quick but maybe you got a cancelled appointment .

    As to going to medical, I went and it did me no good at all, as the report they did on me was a fairy tell and was nothing like what went on during the medical. Down to being able to take my coat off( wasn't wearing one) to telling them I can get up in the morning and have a shower( don't have a shower in my house) and it just went on like that

    Since being on this site, I would ask for it to be recorded and take someone with you. If you can get a letter from your GP saying you can not use public transport and " he wishes that any assessment be done in my home" do so and send it to them as reason not to attend.

    If you feel strong enough to go, just be very careful, they twist everything you say, I know to one question about seeing friends, I say once In a blue moon do I get visitors , was turned into enjoys the frequent company friends for chats . Also I think I said I had to lay down due to pain and at another point in the medical I was asked about watching telly. This was changed to, spends a lot of her day laying on sofa watching telly. And from I don't where, I go out shopping for food dally, cook all meals, clean the house and keep up to date with washing and ironing. This is why pleasemget it recorded or at least take a friend who can take notes

    Good luck with which ever way you choose to deal with them. I have just won my appeal, but have been put in the work group. So I need to appeal again


  • Hi, some very good advice. Firstly it does not matter about medical evidence at this stage,they usually refuse to look at it. Hence (take a witness to prove you offered it) ATOS want you off the sick as they get rewarded for this!!!. Secondly, it's all about ticking the correct boxes, they are trying to establish what you CAN do, not what you cannot do. Your aim is to total 15 points which will put you in the SUPPORT group. Do NOT say you have any good days, they are all BAD. If you look at the disability right uk website you can find the new criteria for PIP if you pass that, you will qualify for ESA SUPPORT and PIP/DLA . Thirdly I understand you have a bladder problem? You need to tell them you have DAILY incontinence, this will give you the 15 points you need. Make sure you take a change of clothes with you, incontinence pads etc. This does not mean to say they will put you in the SUPPORT group as the want you in the WRAG group but if you have a witness , you can then ask them to reconsider your claim and ask for an explanation. At that stage they will reconsider it or you have the option of appeal and

    you can them submit further evidence. You will be fine, you just have to follow the protocol. I told them I was suicidal and shit myself DAILY which according to the DWP protocol gives you 30 points, however ATOS recommended I was put in the WRAG lol. I asked for reconsideration and submitted further evidence and I am now in the SUPPORT group until march 2015. I have been working with a welfare rights charity called helping hands so I now fully understand the protocol. I hope this helps you and anyone else x

  • Most illnesses FLUCTUATE, the DWP recognise this and if you required help 5/7 days you were awarded DLA. If you are wondering why I keep mentioning DLA/PIP they are all connect to ESA!!! Just like INCAPACITY & INCOME SUPPORT used to be. Now however the DWP have moved the goal posts, if your conditions FLUCTUATE and you have GOOD days and BAD days, you no longer meet the criteria. What you will need to do at some point is write down what you do on a typical BAD day, this means a 24 hour period alway through the you require HELP/SUPERVISION/PROMPTING Ie taking medication, preparing a meal/eating, bathing/dressing, taking medication, walking, toilet needs etc . The less Independent you are the less help you will receive!!! My advise is get a representative and do you home work. I hope this paints a clearer picture

  • Ty cuffy , I appreciate your help , you did make me smile with what you said to them , ty , dont seem to smile alot these days , with one thing and another feel weighed down with everything , but I will stay strong , warm hugs , angie xx

  • This government are trying to beat us into submission so you have to fight back, I've got a fantastic letter from my doctor to support my claim. I have an appeal for DLA and Income support. I've just put a letter together , my typical BAD day, I didn't realise how I'll I was lol :-)

  • Gd luck cuffy x warm hugs angie x

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