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Oh well it is 5 am and i have done the washing got it dry ironed what needed to be walked the dog and washed up well 1 cup lol only me here at min daughter asleep (lucky her ) polished the whole house dont take long as gone all minimal and cant hoover until a sensible hour dont think neighboiurs would appreciate that!!!

getting partner up via text at 9 then walking dog then will see what happens depend on the weather what i do

i hope ypou all ahve a lovely day i expect alot of you are watching the olymics which is nice if you like all that you will hve it back to back for 2 weeks

anyway you all take care love to you all diddle xxxxx

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hi diddle,

Bless you. I am awake and have been for several hours like now. I can't breathe properly tho because of this infection thing. I am up at the hospital again tuesday for my colorectal doctor.

I have since found out that i have food intolerance. So i will have to let them know tuesday about that and the arthritis.

from kerry x


hi diddle,

Having had a doze in the evening and then ended up doing what i'd said i wouldn't and watched the ending of the Olympic opening ceremony. Well that was completely the wrong thing - the doglets rioted when I let them out after midnight and having rounded them up I crawled up to bed and thought I would sleep ok. Hhhmmm...... wrong !! .. was still trying to sleep whilst you were doing the housework then....heaven I dozed off after the 6 o'clock news on the radio and woke again just after 7.30 .... I am a very very bleary eyed bunny and ache all over. Doglets are in the dog house (ha ha) and have already walked themselves.

I head home to Devon ( and slow computer speeds so less rambles from me - phew must all think ! ) tomorrow, I am longing to be back in my little cottage and my memory foam mattress.

Have a lovely day diddle, its fine here and I hope it is where you are.

Take great care of yourself my friend, muchly dottii x


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