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I have been up since 3.40 am !!!!!!!! i went to bed at 11 pm and wasup and down tossing and turning all night then i just got up in the end as i was fed up with shuffling and rolling arounfd in bed . Now having my 2nd coffee to try and wake up a bit burt thats silly a i am a wake justin agony so whats new lol

i am watching jeremy kyle lol WHY!?????? on earth would yougo on there and tell the whole world your business what is wrong with people

oh well love to you all diddle x

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morning diddle ive been on couch since 4.30.and not happy with this forum at all.ive got him on the american one but all they do is shout is got it on mute for now till judge judy.x


Hi Diddle,

I had an awful night, just like you and many others watched the long hours go by from 12 onwards until i gave in and came downstairs at 2am. I am in so much pain, had steroid injections at the hospital a few weeks ago but they haven't touched the pain or swelling.

I had a recorded package yesterday from hospital which had a very high dose (50,000IU, don't know what IU means) of colecalciferol capsules which i have to take for 14days and then go back to see my GP. I can only think that something showed up in blood tests which rheumatology did. I am going to see my GP later today as i am wary about taking them, as you never know if it is genuine.

Anyway that's enough about me, i just feel all i do is moan, and i know everyone on this site has lots of problems. I really hope you will manage to get a better nights sleep soon.

Take care

Bonnie Lass


I know how you feel, can't remember the last time I had a good nights sleep. I help with childcare for my grandchildren, but am finding it a struggle. They have so much energy and I just want to curl up and sleep.Bless them they are lovely. I take co codamol (well only when I am desperate) and amytrypteline 50mg at night. Does anyone take anything different and has it been prescribed by the GP. Take care


Hi. There is a tag to the right of this for medication.

You will find many variations in our medications.

I found a muscle relaxant has been invaluable for me. I taks Baclofen along with Tramadol, a few others and Nortriptelyne at night. Good luck


Been awake so long I cannot think, spell or function today.

Hope your day improves and that you get rest time xx


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