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long time since last post

I am sorry it's been so long as I love chatting to you guys, the reason is well I have had a massive breakdown. The docs have put it down to things that have happened in the past, also the Fibro has a fair bit to answer for. I cant leave the house, to get to the doctors in the unit I am sedated, happy boy me.

The pain I am in is almost unbearable I cant walk at all, and worst of all I have to now tell all my woes to the DSS that will be fun, at least my wife will be there. days and nights are spent trying to sleep and getting through each day is a marathon or Snickers for you younger people. This month is my 30th anniversary of being told I had Fibromyaliga.

God I am a right happy harry sorry guys but its taken me a long time to build up the guts to even post this, and for those in the know it wasn't Hello Kitty even though she is staring at me right now. see you all soon and love and peace to you all


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Hi and well done you for gwtting to write down how you are feeling it must have taken alot to write hat that abnd lay youraelf bare bless you

i do hope tht you can take one day at a time and gradually get a life back for yourself and build tousekf up alot more as it is horrible to feel like you do at min but you are making the right steps already

well you take care and wll chat again soon love diddle xxxxx


so sorry to hear you have had breakdown ,and well done for your courage ,you are so brave :)

i hope everything goes well for with dss and hope you feel better very soon ,

lots of gentle gentle hugs xxxx


Hi Brian

I am relatively new to the site. God bless you for what you've gone through. I wish yoj the very best of luck with DSS.

Take one day at a time with your health, baby steps.

Good luck & hope you will keep us posted with your progress

Best Wishes

Luv & hugs

Jackie xx


Hi there you can build yourself back up,it is possible to live a life with the pain,it's just getting the balance right,not always easy by any means but doable.take all the help and support you can get.xx


thank you all for taking time to say those kind things, life is hard at present I have been here before you do come back it just gets harder each time. my pain is also very acute at present as they are changing my meds. your kind words will help and are the best meds I can have.

love you all



Hi Brian,

I am also fairly new to the site,but i send my best wishes your way and i hope you start to feel better soon.Good Luck with the DSS too.

Take Care

Carol X


Sorry to hear you are having such a bad time at present, but remember we are all in this together and fully understand what you are going through x


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