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I disappeared for a long time

I haven’t written in a long time. I still read most of the postings. Like most of you, i’ve been up and down. Mostly down. Besides the fibro I have bursites in both my shoulders. I swear to you i can’t lift my right arm. Even when i don’t move it, it feels like a spike straight through my shoulder. As luck lol, would have it, I have a hospital appointment tomorrow. It’s for a guided steroid injection. I’ve had them before and they help with the pain, for about 2 months. The thing is I always have them do both my shoulders at the same sitting. They use an ultrasound to guide the needle so the doc is constantly moving the needle around in my arm. The pain just can;t be described. I always take someone with me, so I can squeeze their hand.

Anyway I'll try to write more often and not just when I'm bitching about something.

You take care everyone and remember you're not alone with the pain. Writing stuff down does help.

Love you guys


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Hi Charlie

Hope the injections help and you do not crush your friends hand too much.

Gentle hugs.


Likewise. Don't give the A&E even more work to do. Hugs :) :)


Hi charlie_2

I am so sorry to read that you have been suffering so much and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi Charlie

Welcome back I am so sorry the bursitis is adding to your pain. I do hop the injections help for a bit :) I think the site has changed a bit since you were last on so do have a prowl about re-aquaint yourself with every thing. Pop on to fibroaction.org it is continually up dated.

Nice to see you again

Ginsing (Gins)



hey there bitch as much as you like . As there are those that share good days with laughter and love there's that needy bunch who just don't feel like that right now and will probably feel relieved to hear they aren't alone it all works great to hear you. When I got something I feel scared of I always think this time tomorrow ill be alright. So don't reply save that arm and have a successful day with the injections gentle hugs xx


I hope the injection will not be too painful. I have bursitis in my left shoulder and left hip.

I get injections about every three months unless I am taking a blood-thinner.


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