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Fibro poem/ditty at long last


For you all with much love and understanding, better read out loud with correct pauses.

I've developed a wobble

and I definitely creak.

Don't ask me to do anything

as I've grown very weak

Don't ask me my name

my mind it has gone

I won't be able to tell you

where on earth I am from

"Hello" doctor I say

"have they reintroduced the rack?"

"what's that?" he asks

something used on my back.

I look and I look

my eyesights gone bleary.

That's definitely because

I'm so terribly weary.

I'm so terribly exhausted

I must go to bed

Now that I've arisen

my body's like lead

Get up says my husband

so he can lay in

Oh where's the understanding

from kith and from kin.

At times I'm so exhausted

up the stairs I've crawled to bed.

Then the doctors tell me

It's all really in your head

It's in my head alright

they've identified the part.

So what I want to know

is-when's the treatment going to start?

My head it's full of thoughts

which are not at all coherent.

Rather like all the doctors

to whom - I have been sent.

Today the sun is shining

I'm in a happy haze

Not at at all like yesterday when I

despaired of the fibro maze

It's a chronic condition and

we'd like to be a happy band.

So just asking all the people

please try and understand.

Understand when the pains

bring us down and low.

Understand that the fibro fog

makes me say come -when I mean go

I have many fellow sufferers

who need support like me.

So if you happen to know one-then

invite them in for tea.

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I really enjoyed that, good on ya :) :) lol Susan xx


That's brilliant, did you write that yourself? I'm impressed if you did :)

Sue x

well done brilliant :) xxx

Butterfly54 in reply to lynz

Lynz why dont my faces come out when I do them.You seem to be able to do them lol hugs Butterflyxx:-)

Hidden in reply to Butterfly54

You have to hold the key with the arrow on while you do them both Jayne. xxx

jazher in reply to Butterfly54

HI butterfly,

You need to put a space before you do it too. :)


That was wonderful boothby and soooo true if you don`t mind I am copying it down and putting it up on my kitchen cupboard to give me a smile every morning as I make my breakfast.

Also did you write this yousef if so what a talent.

Thanks again and Hugs Butterfly xxx;-)


That's fab, thanks for sharing. Lou x

HiddenThis reply has been deleted
ldjboothby in reply to Hidden

not really, we all have a talent secret is knowing what is it--will try to compose one for you take care

well done so very true

Like :)

That is such a good desciptive poem, well done.

thanks for sharing. :)

kel xxxx

hello im mandy. ive just read your poem its fantastic it says so much about all of us and our condition well done love it

Hi Just wanted to say hello Im new to list here and recently diagnosed with fibro

altho years ago the docs said I was starting it.Guess over years I got silently worse..Loved your poem sums it up so well for us all ;) good job we can have pps who understand us coz doctors certainly dont seem too on this condition .I love poetry and this so jumped out at me today ty xxx hgd or evening Im in UK am Scottish but live in seaside place of Blackpool England

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