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Does anyone else suffer panic attacks?

This last year I have started to suffer panic attacks if I have to do something stressful. Driving is the worst. I can't drive anywhere I don't know. Unless I am sure I can park without needing to turn my neck and shoulders too far round due to the pain and stiffness, I won't even attempt to go. I was invited to a wedding reception this last weekend. Could even have stayed overnight with my Mum & Dad, but jibbed out at last minute.A birthday do of an old friend left me in a complete panic and it was only my daughter taking me for a 'dry run' meant that I did actually manage to go.

Is this a common symptom to others? Or something peculiar to me? Mind you that wouldn't surprise me!!!! I am very peculiar. Have a very peculiar sense of humour too. So probably just me. Best wishes to all. Sue.

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Hi Sue,

I suffer really bad panic attacks and have been known to dump a trolley full of shopping and make a dash out of the supermarket.

They normally come on if I'm out, but I've had them at home when I thought I was feeling relaxed, occasionally when I'm about to go to sleep or just waking up.

They are horrible and if I'm going somewhere new I also have to have a dry run, need extensive directions so I know how to get there and get really anxious before I go . I can't go out alone .

I'm getting married on 6th June and I'm already panicking about how I'm going to get through the day :(

Dr has prescribed Diazepam to try and get me through it , but it's not a long term solution . I've had CBT and psychotherapy but the anxiety / panic attacks and agoraphobia persist .

So you're not alone .




Oh poor you. I do hope you will be able to relax enough to enjoy your day. At least I am not alone with panics then?? I feel such a fool, not being able to do the simplest of things, just because I haven't done them before/for a while. I didn't realise they could be so dibilitating. Haven't been prescribed anything new for them, as already take most of the usual. Good luck with your wedding. Be thinking of you. Sue. x


Thanks Sue , my fiancé is keeping his fingers crossed I don't do a runner on the day lol !

No, you're certainly not alone with the panics . They are debilitating and quite scary and very life limiting .

My ex husband didn't understand at all , for instance once while on holiday in the lake district I just couldn't force myself to go into the dining room for dinner and he got really angry , another time I got to the local Tesco but wasn't able to get out of the car . I guess if you don't have them yourself it is hard to understand but he really did used to get annoyed .

Rich ( fiancé ) is more understanding because his mum was agoraphobic and had panic attacks too.

I feel the same way , I tell myself it's really silly to feel this way but it makes no difference.




i have severe anxiety and depression xx


hi, i too suffer with depression, panic attacks and anxiety to the extent i cannot grasp my breath, 2 years i have been telling my useless dr about this and last month saw another dr who straight away said its panic/anxiety and now trying citalopram to help, so far i have stopped crying at adverts and feel alot happier, but still fret going out on my own, but need to try these for at least 3 months and take it from there, good luck, x


Hello I am new,I take terrible panic attacks and have bad depression and it is so bad I do not go out unless to GP and always need someone with me I have not been able to go to the shops in over 2 years.

I break out in sweats shake can not be near people answer phone such simple

things just can't do any more I try to fight but so much wrong with me.!!!

We all have to help each other so much.

Good Luck everyone. x


I have been through all the above as well, but with help from family and friends, manage to lead sort of ok life. Don't you just HATE IT when someone sais 'come on pull yourself together, others have to do it'. Aghhhhh!!!! if only we could exchange feelings with Drs or others so they could see/feel what WE do. Luvnhugs xxxx


Hi everyone. I missed a good friends' wedding last October because he lives out of my home town now. I didnt realise it was so bad till then. I just couldn't bring myself to go.Even with the offer of someone taking me. I left it till the last minute to tell him, because I felt so guilty about not going.I got really upset on the phone to him, trying to explain how I felt.But being a good friend, he forgave me and understood, though he was disappointed. I even panic if I have to go somewhere I dont know, in my home town.I panic about getting lost or being late or not being able to find my way home.Also not being in control of leaving somewhere if it gets too much. I dont think its so much being outside, its being away from familiar and safe surroundings of my home. And yes Chrystal, Id like to be able to swop bodies with people so they understand and can FEEL the pain and stress we feel.x


Panic attacks - oh yes. i too have dumped trolleys full of shopping, I've blacked out driving, thrown up in a handily placed bucket in a B&Q store, backed out of innumerable very important events...

I had 5 courses of CBT and it was only with the last one (I hated him, but god he was good) that I finally began to see signs of recovery. I still only shop with a basket (less of an imposition on staff to put it back lol!), and have to plan events to the nth degree etc, BUT - I like to travel around, and have found I was able to make my van my safe space, so driving is now a bliss not a chore, I bought a van instead of a car so that I was more upright and that in turn meant more comfort, and because there are no windows in the back I had to learn to manouver (can't work out how to spell it!) with just mirrors, but the bonus is no turning!

I also learned to tell people that I was struggling and that stopped me from worrying about hiding it so took the stress away and reduced some of the sensations.

And to the lady who is getting married... if you're having a mare on the day TELL THE OTHERS TO GO OUTSIDE AND WAIT! It's your day not theirs. Get the important stuff out of the way and then let them come in and congratulate.

Fibro hugs to all

Spirit x x x


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