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Omg i thought in the past i had, had panic attacks but this morning i got to feel the effects of what i know consider to be a panic attack, i never want one again but something tells me it will ( i know not very optimistic ).

Where did it come from i don't really know, my Paul usually gets in at 06:30 but this morning i got up at 07:00 and got on with the routine of getting Phoebe up and showered. Paul wasn't home and although i knew he had popped in to see his mum on the way home ( no he's not nuts she is always up at 6 ). I fed the dog then started to feel sick so got breakfast thinking it was just hunger, phoned his parents and i was right he was their but then deep down i knew that. I was doing Phoebe's sandwich when i started to shake and feel jelly like and Paul pulled up, thankfully. He comes in and asks if i'm ok to which i turned said no and felt my heart beat rapidly making me dizzy, i thought my heart was going to burst out my chest i wasn't aware at first that i was hyperventalating but Paul was across to me in a shot and caught me before i fell and sat me down and tried to get my breathing under control not easy i tried to drink water but Paul had to give it to me as i couldn't hold the glass, poor love was worrying madly said i was so pale, he went to get me a blanket but i just sank to the floor - if i'm already on the floor i can't fall hehe and finally i calmed down and the fuzzy jelly body slowly passed and i got my heart rate down. It was the most scary thing i have ever experienced even more scary than having back surgery. my body feels like it's been run over.

The whole time this is happening my wonderful 9 yr old Phoebe just sat eating her breakfast looking at me worried but we both assured her i was fine and that it was just a panic attack and love her she took it all in her stride. It all happened so fast and although i have an inkling as to why i still don't get why, in the past i have had better reasons to have a p.a.

I did still manage to issue orders, dry her hair and read with her before school once i was sat on a comfy safe sofa. Paul and Phoebe were amazing, Phoebe knew to just to stay quiet and not to get worried, and Paul never faultered and never judged he totally understand but then in the past he has suffered from p.a's. I do have a history of anxiety but that came out of the blue and scared the s..t out of me.

I hate fibro so much i feel so robbed by it, their were so many things i wanted to do that now are distant regrets. I generally stay positive and just get on with it but i'm resentful of it but i am actually one of the luckier sufferers as i am still mobile, i can still cook and clean i get out and about, but every day is like having constant flu and at times as though i have toothache in my bones or as if someone is drilling down my bones, don't know of any better way to describe it.

I will not be beaten, i wont , i wont , i wont ( if i say it enough do you think it will be true lol )

Night night fibromites xxxxx

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Goodnight, have a better day tomorrow xx


Morning hope you slept okay and have a better day today keep smiling:)

You wont be beaten . You wont!

A good mantra :) xgins


I too suffer panic attacks, and the worst ones are the ones that just come out of the blue. Anxiety is a complicated disorder. I really hope you don't have another, but the chances are you will, but this time it won't be as scary as what you experienced, you will know what to do and talk yourself through each stage. The first one makes you panic even more as you don't know what's happening and makes it worse. in my experience those panic attacks are very far between. Hope you had a good sleep. And no, you won't be beaten :) xx


Good morning, touch wood (taps head) I haven't had a panic attack for a while but I totally sympathise with you I know how horrid they are.. Take it easy today

Good luck

VG x


Goob morning hope u had a good sleep,u should take it easy today,im sure u will be fine,and u wont be beaten xx


I have suffered panic attacks too. But in mine, I cannot breathe and feel like I am dying. Have had to go to ER before to get a shot to calm me down. I know how scary it is. Bless your husband for understanding.


Oh rachie. I remember well when I was having these. They became attached to the most mundane of events too. Did I have enough cereal when a friend visited overnight..... Could I board the ferry (I lived on an island at the time). Could I stand long enough at the shop checkout. Sitting in a moving car. I thought I was going to die. I ended up finding some spoken faith tapes and plugging them into my ears. As long as I could hear a soothing voice I could control it...... It's an adrenalin thing of course. A very physical reaction to dysfunctioning adrenals. For me it was a phase that DID pass. It wasn't a life long affliction x I wouldn't choose to get on a roller coaster lol but adrenalin surges are now few and far between. I thought I was going mad. I sympathise x but please don't think this is for ever now. It's worth looking up adrenal fatigue...and looking for your toxins....but for now your body is saying STOP.....I need to rest x


I suffer pa's too and I wouldn't wish them on anyone. Mine are linked to when I feel sick ,it's a chemical reaction in my body including faulty adrenals. I don't get them often but when I do they are horrendous. I find breathing into a paper bag really helps me to calm down. Hope you're feeling better today Hun.xx


It's years since I suffered panic attacks, but strange enough I had one last night. I felt like someone was sitting on my chest and that my throat was closing up. My hubby couldn't be roused (he's a deep sleeper), I felt really scared . I laid for ages before trying to get to sleep.I don't sleep well and I think I may have been overtired and was fighting it. I hope it was a one off, but admit to being scared. I have and have for some time, family worries which I know doesn't help.The only positive note on Panic attacks is they don't kill you, but they are frightening nevertheless. Feel for you. Hope today is a better day for you.x


I have had regular panic attacks recently. Standing in the queue at B & Q was when they started again! Thought I was going to black out. Then they would randomly crop up when I was just out walking. Feels like you can't draw enough breath into your body, so you over breath and then get the dizzy spell and tingling in the hands.! It used to be caused by anxiety over driving to strange places, but now can be anywhere. Have to say they are fairly minor ones now and I can tell myself to 'pull myself together' and calm down. I feel so stupid, but they are a real problem to a lot of you it seems. Take care all. XX


I feel so much like you, Rachie. I try to keep calm and not get upset about my llife being robbed because it would only add more problems - I stress just by breathing the air, if it wasn't happen to me I would find hard to believe it as it is.

I wonder if one day I'll have a more or less normal life again. I still make plans at night and believe I going to be able to follow them but the day after in which I can has never come my way in the last couple of years or so. It's no long but, honestly, if it wasn't for the antidepressants I would have probbaly gone crazy by now.

As for the panic attacks, I used to have them when my thyroid started failing. It was maddening on top of all symptoms of hypothyroidism I was having panic attacks every half an hour. CHECK your thyroid levels, it's unfortunately too common to develop thyroid issues before or after developing fibro. In my experience, real panic attacks - not moments of just great anxiety - are not a fibro symptom.

I have never had one again since I started treating my thyroid - another good thing is that panic attacks is one of the symptoms that go first once you start regulating your thyroid.

Best of lucks! And hopefuly we'll find something that will fullfill our lives in the near future instead of feeling we have no life no live any more.


Thank you all for you kind thoughts and sharing it makes me feel better to know i'm not alone but also saddens me to know so many people suffer then as well.

Yesterday my heart did start to race but i managed to calm myself but what i have been left with is constant palpatations, now i do get them from time to time but these ones seem feircer more pronounced but trying not to worry about them as i have an MRI on the 22nd and then doctors 3 weeks after so if still suffering then i will mention it to the docs.... iif i remember depends on the results of the MRI and weather that takes over my brain at that time lol.

Take care my fibro friends, Take it easy and keep smiling xxx Rachie


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