sooooooooooooo fed up

feeling a bit down and fed up today feel like crying my eyes out . i have tried to keep myself busy did a bit of ironing (struggled through it) . i think my brain hs finally accepted i cannot do the things i could do and that i need help , just snapped at my husband ended up rowing with my daughter grrrrr i hate this flipping thing x my feet feel like they are on fire ohhhhhh suppose i better go apologise for being horrible to both grrrrrrr i hate being in the wrong :( xx enjoy rest of your afternoon xx

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  • I'm sorry to hear you're having such a tough time right now. Accepting that Fibro is not just going to go away just like that is really tough, as is accepting any changes you have to make. If you're finding it's really getting you down, it might be worth talking to your GP about counselling or other coping strategies (or going private for this). I personally found counselling very helpful to deal with the consequences of having Fibro and struggling to access treatment.

  • sending you lots of hugs its sooo hard isnt it ,hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Don't feel bad I am constantly apologising to my husband for being Ill and miserable and I snap at him. I have given in a lot this last year accepted I can't drive and got a mobility scooter... Moved to a bungalow ... Can't manage stairs and today had a cleaner come for the first time... If it sounds like I have money I don't .... Just don't drink ( meds) smoke or have a car and believe me I would much rather drive and be able to have a drink than have fibro ... Though I do admit I feel guilty yet relieved at having the cleaner takes stress off me cos I can't manage and stress off my husband when he gets in from work not having to start all the things I haven't managed.

  • thank you peeps my husband became my fultime carer in february i have struggled since my op 18months ago (total hip repacement i had) i still struggle to accept help but no i need it i feel embarrassed as when people look at me i know they think well you look ok to us , i find it hard to let my daughters help as it should be me looking after them (they are all grown up eldest lives in australia and has a little 5month son, middle one with her biyfreind and the youngest is nearly 20 weeks pregnant and lives at home with me and her dad)x i miss my eldest sooo much i wouldn't ever let her know that though as i believe they have to go get their happiness where ever that is and hers is there she has a lovely husband so i know she is happy and has a great job and is ok :). i went to doctors yesterday i have all the words in my head and the uestions but it wasnt my regular doctor so was in and out and thank you very much . i am a strong person normally and its normally me giving advise to everyone (family and freinds) i just feel like everyone forgets that i could do with so cheering up they just think ohhh teresa she will be fine and sometimes i'm not this disease /illness what ever it is is so frustrating ...... thanks once again xxx speak soon xxx

  • Bless your heart Teresa! I do feel for you, I remember those days so well! It suddenly hits you doesn't it, that life is different. I used to be like a cyclone never getting tired, needing little sleep, then all of a sudden I didn't have the energy for anything. The hardest part is accepting the condition. It will happen, it's a time thing. As Lindsey says, have a word with your GP, it can really help accessing the support networks.

    Also being part of our forum where you can compare notes and experiences can really help, you realise you're not alone, we all understand how you feel because we've been there, or because we are there. Take care of yourself, and it will get easier.

    Try to get hubby and your daughter to help you, to take some of the load off you. Show them The Spoon Theory, it explains how we feel with Fibro, it really helped my hubby and children understand how I felt and that I needed help. Hope it helps you. The link is below -


  • You poor thing - it really is hard having to admit that you have limitations. Once you get your head round that, you'll find it easier to cope. I'm sure your family will understand. When you are a bit calmer, trying talking to them and explain exactly how you feel. Gentle hugs, Lou xxx

  • thank you all for your kind words everyone my family are very patient with me and they understand that i am not well the problem is me i think im not most of the time but sat thinkinking today while on my own and in pain made me realise that it's time to stop being in denial and except the help they offer me i have read the spoon theory a few weekks back and it is soooooo acurate i showed to my husband and i do reference to how i feel sometimes , i am going to make an appointment with my usual gp and have a good chat with him in length and hopefully get my hubby to come in with me and let the doc know how i have been too , thank you all once again i am sure i will get there in the end x x

  • I've been feeling like that too. ive only recently found out what is wrong with me and accepting it is very hard. I used to go cycling and swimming all the time, but I cnat any more. it is so upsetting sometimes.

    what is the spoon theory ive seen it mentioned a few times in the blogs ive been reading

  • its tough aint it huni, the spoon theory there is a link high lighted in blue on a comment LibbyDee has left for me say fibro action unlocked if you cant see it leave a question in the blogs and someone will send you it im not sure how to do it, hope you are feeling better soon xx thanks for your kind words too xx or try searching this is the spoon theory xx

  • i have it saved on my laptop and when i have comments from family and freinds i show them this x x will help you explain to your freinds and family xx

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