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Hi all, feeling fed up as usual. Its too cold to do anything, Im fed up waiting for benefits for a date for my 2nd appeal, been going on a year now, fed up with feeling shite and in pain and having shakes and belly ache. Hardly eating cos I've got no appetite, hardly sleeping because no matter how I try, Its always disturbed sleep, wake up, turn over. wake up need the loo, wake up noise and lie there for hours waiting to drift. Cant concentrate and cant wait for summer. Since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia I dont get no support from anyone, family doctor anyone feeling lonely because I got no one to talk to. Sad very sad today xx

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Hi there,

It's a shame you're feeling so bad, and I guess we'll all be glad when the weather warms up.

You are in pain, and you are lonely, so what would be the best thing for you?

A visit to your doctor to deal with your pain seems like a good idea. If your doctor is not very sympathetic, perhaps you could try changing practice, but I should think they could manage to give you some pain medication.

The loneliness is a bigger problem, I know, and I'm guessing that you are not close to your family, which is a shame. Perhaps you could contact them and try to settle any problems that you have had in the past? That's easy to say, I know - only you would know if that was an option.

Secondly, have you thought of contacting Social Services? They have a lot of options open for single people who are lonely, including volunteer programs. That doesn't mean they expect you to work - a lot of volunteers are wheelchair bound, but give up their time to chat to others who are lonely - especially the elderly. Having company and something to do always makes pain easier to bear.

I feel very sorry for your situation, but maybe you could have a think about contacting someone - people are usually very friendly if you reach out to them.

Love and best wishes ... Moffy x


Believe it or not, I have family they just dont understand. I am on medication have been for years, had alot to deal with in my life but fibromyalgia is one of my worse illnesses. Im just fed up because I feel useless and Im having trouble showng love to those around me and I dont want to mean to everyone around me but I just need some love too!


I understand how hard it is for you, I really do.

You can get out of practice at being sociable, and you get more and more isolated, but no one is useless, and we all have something to give.

Families rarely understand - it's easier for them to pretend nothing's wrong, but if you ask for help with something specific they will be glad to do it. My daughter won't listen if I moan, but if I ask her to do a job around the house for me, she's very helpful.

You've had a lot to deal with in your life, I can see that - but it's in the past. Unfortunately it's happened and can't be changed. All we have is today and the future, so we have to try and make them good.

We all need love, and unfortunately it's not always there when we need it, but love and friendship often start with a smile and a chat. We can 'chat' on this site, and we're always here for you, but you would probably feel a bit easier if you could get out a bit and mix with some friendly people - nothing too demanding, just a chat.

Have you tried Citizen's Advice Bureau for information about social clubs and associations?

You could try a few, and you don't have to stay if you don't like it, but you might find something you enjoy. It's surprising how much a few bright moments can cheer you.

CAB can also give you advice and help with money worries and benefits - that's a subject which makes so many people desperate and miserable

Have you told your doctor how depressed you are? He might refer you for some counselling - at least that's someone to talk to.

Also, when you are feeling really low, consider ringing Samaritans:

08457 90 90 90

they are trained to listen and help people who are suffering distress and who are without support.

Keep in touch with us here - we can at least share your thoughts.

Love Moffy xxx


I can see Moffy has offered lots of great advice, so much so that there is no tmuch I can really add to it. But I find with fibro you can feel alone even when those around you show love and care unconditionally. I have my hubby and daughter here and I have a decent size family on my hubbys side but there are times when I still feel alone. That could just be part of the fibro,.the depressive side of things. I have afew things I do when I feel this way. I put my MP3 on, I do wordsearch puzzles and I find time most often just passes by. But I do understand how you feel as do all members on here whether on their own or not. I really do hope things improve soon for you XXXXX


Even when you feel you have no-one, you are wrong. You have everyone of us there to listen, offer advice or be a shoulder to cry on. Please use us whenever you want to or need to and theres always someone around to chat to. As usual Moffy has give great advice as Ozzygirl says and her advice was good too, i would never have thought of wordsearches! Please keep in touch and let us know how things are going as we DO care! Charliixx


What lovely people you are Moffy especially, thank you for your kind words. Im not too bad today, just alot of back pain and I am waiting to hear about a course called Creative Alternatives, where you meet people and create and make and even have day trips, sounds just what I need. I thought I had a few friends in work but not heard from any since I lost my Job but I know people have busy lives. I appreciate your kind comments and Im glad I am on this site, gives you a light in the tunnel and thank God eh, Love and luck to you all Sue x x


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