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struggling and fed up

Really strugling today got woken by my hands being really swollen so that my rings were digging into my fingers, They are still swollen but not as bad my ankles feel swollen so do my knees and my knees feel like somebody has hit them with a sledghammer.

I cant grip very well and walking is hard going along with muscles twitching in my back had enough already today just cant cope anymore really really fed up

hope the rest of you are not to bad today xxx

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you have to fight through it - I know that's not easy believe me! Your body needs to rest today and maybe tomorrow will be a better day x chin up you're not alone xx


Thank you Karen xx


I'm sorry to hear you're having such a bad day.

Do you have another diagnosis alongside Fibro - e.g. of Rheumatoid Arthritis? If not, see your GP about the swelling - ideally before it goes down. Fibro is not an inflammatory disease and shouldn't cause swelling like that.


Hi Lindsey I have thyroid prob as well as fibro along with ibs, I have carpel tunnel in both hands but this has never happened before I am at the dr on fri will mention it

thank you xx


Hi Fairy lady sorry for asking a question on your blog :)

But Lindsey if it isnt an inflammortary disease as well why do we get prescribed anti inflammatories like ibruprofen and naprosyn?

I quite often get swollen hands and legs and naturally assumed was down to this!



sending you a hug xx


Aw thank you very much



lots of hugs please try and rest today. tomorrow is another day with fibro x xxx


Thank you webby I am going to do my best to rest today

and thank you for the hugs

soft hugs to you too xxx


Hello penny,

I just want to send you a big hug hun, and i hope it eases for you soon.

Take care, hugs, kel xxxxxx


Thank you Kel very much

soft hugs xx


Penny hope you have taken everyones advice re REST.............. you really do have to and then you will be atronger to fight through it, it is a battle I know, and that is not counting outside influences.

Soft Hugs

Sue x x x x


Hi Sue,

Yes I have rested well apart from pegging washing out

I think the swollen hands my left knee playing up now as I have been using it more because of my bad right knee they are so painful really stuggle to get up stairs now

But I have rested

off to see dr on friday

thank you sue

gentle hugs xx


Hi fairylady.

I really hope the swelling has gone down by now. And that you took everyones advice and rested today.

Thinking of you. xx



thank you for asking Kialaya.

The swelling in my hands has now gone down but it has taken most of the day

I have rested today but still feel exhausted

I think worry over my daughter isnt helping

thank you again sending you soft hugs xxx


Hope you're feeling better today xx


Hi Karen,

I am much the same really yest my left hand was worse today my right hand is worse. Daugher is having majoe issues but hoping the dr will help her tomoz with a referal to child mental health team I just finding it hard to cope but I will battle on

Thank you for asking Karen

I hope you are not to bad today

soft hugs



You seem to have so much going on - stress is fibro's worse enemy............

I am feeling terrible today - have had a bad 6 weeks but things seem to be getting worse. I've booked to go to docs tomorrow but not sure what he can do, I just worry sometimes that it maybe something else and I just put everything I'm feeling down to Fibro.

Anyway chin up have a good day xx


well yes I do but it seems thats what my life is one struggle after another

I am sorry that you have been bad for so long and its getting worse

I know what you mean about thinking it is something other than fibro

I have blurred vision alot and the loss of sensation in my hands and legs worries me I have considered asking my dr tomorrow if it could be MS the symptons are very similar

It is good that you are seeing the dr tomorrow see what he says

if there is anything else I can do just let me know

Do you have friends near by?

thinking of you

big soft hugs



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