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Soooo fed up!

First day back in work today after a lovely relaxing 2 weeks off. I am getting so fed up of my workplace now. Basically, they are ignoring everything specified by myself and my doctor in my so called 'fit for work' note. They also keep giving me hours that they know I am unable to do - you have to tell them what hours your are available for work and they work your rota around this so it makes it easier than having to ask every person if they can work certain shifts - for 3 weeks worth of rotas, approx 12 shifts just 1 of them has been within the hours I can actually work. They have changed the shifts for me but I just feel like they are now trying to get me out by trying to make things hard for me. I have always enjoyed my work but the thought of having to go to a place where no one person even cares what I am going through really upsets me. I was promised I would be supported and there has been no support, no alteration in my work and all these shifts that I cant do.

I am desperately looking for a new job and have applied for a couple but its so hard to try and find something that I am going to be able to manage. I need to apply for DLA a various things but until I am not working i think i will struggle to claim anything and I cant just give up work as i am a single parent and have to support myself, my daughter and our home.

i just cant believe that in the space of a day I have gone from being so relaxed and happy to stressed, anxious and unhappy.

I really need a big change in my work life now as I can not take the stress any longer without becoming more ill and then my daughter suffers and shes the important thing, not my job


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Hi HJ, DLA is not means tested so claim now. It is backdated to the day you request the form.

as for work, I'm sure someone here will confirm this, they are obliged to honour the "fit..." terms. If they try to get you out or to resign, you can claim constructive dismissal and take them to a tribunal.

ask to see a welfare benefits officer.

for help filing in the form email and ask for the benefits and work booklet.

regards, sandra.


Thank you for your reply sandra, my only worry about claiming dla is they will say as I am working I can't be all that bad so I won't get anything but I guess there's no harm in trying for it.

I am just praying that one of my job applications comes through as they are making me so miserable in work. I am going to request an official meeting with my union rep once she is back from her holiday to get everything down in writing again and maybe this will make them listen to me. I am in so much pain tonight now and just feel so down in the dumps and I hate that they are making me feel like this. If I thought I could manage financially I wouldn't even go in tomorrow but sadly most companies won't take payments of fresh air lol!



many people work and get DLA. If you get that booklet it explains each question and you realise what you needn't put up with or what help you need e.g care at night has to be 20 mins or more - does someone make you a cup of tea or fill you a hot water bottle? [or would it help if someone did?] the bottle routine inc filling kettle, up/down stairs, etc takes 20 mins. I'd ever thought of that.

You are bound to feel down coming back to that, I hope it gets better and your pain eases - stress always makes mine worse.

Just a thought, when you have a minute at work; imagine yourself back on your hols and breathe slowly and deeply. I picture myself sat in my quiet place in my mind and it helps me relax, it got me thru an mri even tho I get very claustrophobic.

regards, sandra.


It is awful the way companies treat the ill and disabled - stick to your guns Holly and don't let them force you out against your will.

If I was you I'd have a look at the benefits and work help pack and see if you think you have a convincing casefor DLA - I'm sure you do. The sooner you make a claim the sooner you get the money :-)

Julie xx


Hi i am so sorry that your firm are not helping you to be in the work place but instead they are putting obstacles in your way tht is awful for you

i do hope that they will change have you spoen toanyone/ or does it go on deaf ears ? oh ell good luck in the serch for a new job love to you diddle xxx


I know that feeling , I went back to work on a phased return , & was expected to do 7 hrs work in 4 hrs, it was easier to stay all day lol


That is exactlly what happened to me yesterday, the person who normal does what I was doing works 8-4, I was working 2-6 and expected to get everything done!


Thank you all for your responses, I knew I could rely on people on here to understand and care! Sadly everything is falling on deaf ears, spoken to 3 different managers and everything is still the same. I'm not usually a stressy sort of person but I do feel very stressed at the though of having to be in work which I can tell is making me ill again.

I've applied for another 2 jobs since last night so fingers crossed! X


Hi Holly

It is an awfull feeling having to wake up & go into a place of work with that feeling of dread.

I know by law they have to accommodate you & make adjustments in your work space but they dont always do it with hand on heart. It can make you feel uncomfortable & paranoid.

If I were you & you feel fit enough to keep working just carry on. These days I dont think Employers value their employees, your only a number.

However, if you try you are entitled to DLA & it is not means tested. Thats if you get it because its as bad as ESA, the Government are trying to get people of it too. Dont give up hope on it based on that because you maybe lucky enough. I think with DLA they are maybe targeting thr people who have been on it a long time.

Good luck & I hope work gets easier for you & keep your mind open to all options open.

Luv & Hugs



*jeez still got the brain fog as in repeating myself*


It might be worth talking to Citizens Advice Bureau as well as your union.


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