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grumpy teenager!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all

Its lovely to see the sun this morning wish I could say about my son-sorry thats not nice-he has gone to college but was in the foulest mood one of his so called friends rang him at 5.50 for a joke!!!!!!! Well not funny but you can imagine how bad my son was getting that. I asked why he had his phone on and he said cos he needed his alarm.

Anyway I am really hoping a miracle happens and he enjoys his day-all this stress about will he or wont go to college is really hard to deal with.

Well my lovely fibro family hope you all have a good day and get to enjoy the sunshine

Take care

Sue xx

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I feel for you sue, I have one of them grumpy teenager things in my house, its getting to the stage were im not speaking to mine as i never know what mood he is in, I just wait til he comes and talks to me and that is usually when he wants something like a lift to his girlfriends !!

Gentle hugs Hilly xx


My son is 23 and I still walk on egg shells lol the not talking

until they talk to you is a good move, but I still need the dirty laundry and plates from his room, that can be a dangerous move lol.

But some times he can be a dream and be lovely but only some times lol



it does get better wen they flee the nest lol my son is 28 n has a family now so he is great .my daughter is just going thru it tho with her 15 yr old bless him ,she says she blesses him every day but a stronge blessing lol we have to laugh tho dont we .soft hugs to all xxx


I do sympathise, when my husband and I met we had 7 children between us, 4 girls and 3 boys, aged between 12 and 17!

We both had been single parents for some years, and it was interesting to say the least! Here we are 10 years later still together, and all kids in their 20s now, phew!

Apparently even if a phone is turned off, most will still sound an alarm.

you will get through eventually, good luck and best wishes, Cazx


Most phones still work the alarm even when switched off. I've not yet had a phone which didn't work the alarm when off.

Suggest he reads the manual, being a man in the making he prob wouldn't think about doing something so simple.


I managed to survive getting two of my children through their teens, boy it was a bumpy ride sometimes. I remember the need to rip my hair out at the roots, it's called normal lol! I have one teenager to go, currently 18! He dropped out of college as he needed an operation and couldn't keep up with the fitness side of things. We are due to move in a few weeks and then it's job hunting for him! Not looking forward to it, but they all need to fly don't they.

On the whole my three were pretty good compared to some stories I hear about. I survived! ;)


My latest phone doesn't operate the alarm when it's turned off, and it seems more of the smart phones are like this now :-( I found a way round though, put it into flight mode! You have no internet or network coverage, so you can't take calls or get texts, but the alarm does work.

I too have one of the teenage grumps in my house, but mine is the second time around! My kids are both in their 30's now, neither of them were tidy when they were at home, my daughter still leaves a lot to be desired, she lives by herself, my son is married with a step daughter, and he transformed as he got married, so there is hope! My teenager is my 16 year old grandson, (my daughters son, he's lived with me over 10 years now) I lost my husband nearly 9 years ago, and I'm finding the teenage grumps very hard to contend with this time around. He wonders why I get in a mood with him, I have arthritis and diabetes (not always under control, suffer with low blood sugar which affects my mood), I told him a while ago I didn't want to be a parent to a teenager again at my age, more so a single parent, told him it's not easy. It did give him a bit of a wake up call, he has improved a bit since then.


hello, I bought up two children on my own after a divorce, i have never remarried, kids are 35 and 39 now so long flown the nest, but i remember the dark days when i struggled to cope with everything, just lay down a few rules and i think you'll be fine, he does'nt sound bad, its just growing up. I'ts good that you can tell him how you feel though, maybe that will have an effect. he's 16 so wont be long before he's gone too, and in years to come i am sure he will thank you for it, you sound like a lovely nan lol


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