my little boy is 20 tomorrow

my little boy is 20 tomorrow

I cant believe my youngest son is 20 tomorrow, he s a joy, he had delayed speach at 6, had partial hearing in one ear, was diagnosed as severely dyslexic at 10, starting high school he had a reading age of 6, through his hard work, he topped his engineering class in college, and has now secured an excellent job, working on high performance cars, so hes an example never give up,

Happy birthday Dominic

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  • Hi lally, my eldest turned 27 yesterday and he has bipolar1 and tourettes and he has always worked since 14 at the markets. I always told my son that nothing/no-one has to hold you back and anything can be achieved with a positive mind our sons are proof of that!

    happy birthday to you son

    hugs poppy xx

  • I agree I always brought my kids up to believe theres no word as cant, its better to try and fail, than fail to try, my eldest daughter took a gap yr that turned into 3yrs she worked in a bar, and became a bouncer, she s 5ft and a size 8,I never told them they cant do anything, the skys the limit, Poppy wish your son a happy birthday, you must be very proud of him

  • happy birthday to your son lally you must b very proud of him xx

  • Oh Lally such a fine looking young man, my son is 22 ADHD and severely dyslexic, he has turned out to be a lovely young man working very hard in the building trade. Pat on the back for our boys and us.

    Soft hugs xxx


  • lally children are what they learn to be including as brave as their parents you have done so well and have a right to be very very proud petal


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