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lovely afternoon

hi everyone hope you are enjoying the lovely weather at the mo !! makes a nice change , i am frustrated today as back to don't know which part of body hurting most today :( my foot has been hurting since friday night mainly near the heal athe side when i put pressure feels like i have something prodding but nothing is there when my daughter and husband looked grrrr, the shoulder is donig my nut in even the cortisone injection hasn't worked get some relief from the mst continus (morphine), i'm just pottering bout as when i sit gggrrr well you all know it's blooming frustrating the sun doesnt really help with opain just lifts mood as ya feel more chirpier xx enjoy your day and take it easy xx

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Hope you soon get back to feeling a bit better - sending you soft hugs n lotsa love xxxx


Yes lovely afternoon, I hoped the sun and the difference in pressures in

The weather would help with the pain no such luck

Hope you feel better soon,


Hope you feel better very soon Teresa! At least the sunshine makes us feel better in ourselves, all we need now is relief from our symptoms. I would love to sit in the garden, but any chair becomes uncomfortable after a while even with a pressure cushion on. However, seeing the sun and the sky so bright is wonderful medicine! :)


thank you ladies hope you had as good a day as you could xx


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