Good afternoon everyone,just wanted to ask if anyone has something similar

Since my health has declined somewhat physically and mentally I have noticed more and more that I have a dread and fear of going out.I was reading an article on SAD this morning and I have all the symptoms so I will discuss this with my g.p.More and more iam finding that iam not wanting to go out simply because I've either not got the energy or the motivation but also iam starting to fear going out.I feel safe inside and do not want to venture out most of the time.Iam going to try to go out today as there are some things I want to buy but to actually get myself to do it is hard.Does anyone else have this as well?x

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  • your not alone,as soon as the summer is over ,dark miserable days ,i can feel myself going down, tears come to easy..i just try to do things,hobbies take my mind off my depression ..

  • Yes I do, it`s just so much effort and so tiring. I had to go shopping this morning .now I`m aching everywhere. By the way has anyone seen my brain this morning? perhaps I left in bed it`s deffinatley gone walkabout. oh bother,can`t spell.

  • Hehe,you've made me laugh as iam the same! Iam always saying sorry for my brain not working properly :)

  • Yes, yes, yes, I completely understand you on this one haribo, and with the clocks changing tomorrow night into Sunday it will make it darker earlier so I defo won't be going out. Quite often I think I need to go and get such and such a thing, but then find a reason why it can wait until another time.

    The brain however is a completely lost cause in my case, I'm sure I only have the family brain cell on rent for very short periods of time, and not on a regular basis !! Lalalalalala ! ;-)

    Foggy x

  • I didn't know that the clocks were changing! So let me see.....That means that we will have an hour less sleep? Oh my goodness,will have to go to bed an hour earlier tomorrow night.Glad you have told me that as I didn't know that :O

  • Hi haribo. Clocks go back but don't make no difference when you got kids cos they just wake when they wake huh?! xx

  • Ain't that right! Lol,how are you today?x

  • I can't quite believe it but I haven't been too bad today...well you know by fibro standards not healthy people standards! I know it won't last but gotta make the most of those good days huh. Hope you not been too bad and that your weekend will be ok. x

  • You get an hour more xx

  • Thanks crop,my Fibrofog is so bad ATM :( thanks for pointing that out,now I get an extra hour,hooray! :)

  • no you will get an extra hour tonight mmm

  • The only words I`m not having trouble with today are swear words when I get stuck. Hubby thinks it`s funny because I don`t normally swear

  • Yes, I totally understand what you mean. I am happy staying inside. I will go out if I have a specific reason to but some days I have to force myself.



  • I too have trouble going out which has now turned to a fear of it, I've started doing more and more shopping online now. I've also just been informed that I now have to go to the work program (i'm in wrag group of ESA) every two weeks for a minimum of 2 hours to do intensive job searches because of changes made by the DWP, I can hardly walk most days, my hands always seem to have trouble working and this has raised my anxiety because of my fear of going out, why can't they just believe our doctors.

  • hi is it possable that you have the start of agraphobia i used to avoid going out .please look up the symptoms it can be cured .

  • Hi Haribo, yes, i have this too. SAD definitely makes you feel like that, and, if, unfortunately you do have the start of agraphobia do please get help before it develops. I`ve had it myself, and, good news is it can be `cured`. Strangely enough i had claustrophobia at the same time, so i didn`t know whether i wanted to be in or out! That was years ago. But, since having fibro i feel the same as you and i think some of it is lack of confidence, as to whether i`m going to be OK while i`m out - and a strange feeling that i`m not the person i was epecially in terms of movement which makes me feel vulnerable. A horrid feeling. The only thing i could suggest is that you don`t stop going out, even if its just up the road every day if you can, and then mayb build up your confidence. Good luck xxx

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