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Thanks for such a lovely welcome :)

I am sitting here in tears - so much love and encouragement coming my way, I am a little overwhelmed, but in a good way. So glad I found this site, but as a newbie to this kind of thing, I hope you will all bear with me. I would love to reply to you all personally, is that how it works? I'll have a little wander around the site to fathom it out and see how it goes :)

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Theres no need to reply to all. you just have. This site works how ever you want it to, if you want to join in with the madness please do. on the other hand you may, like others on the site prefers to just read the posts and enjoy them It Is up to you but dont forget that we are here to help each other out by sharing our experiences so dont hesitate to ask questions or have a good moan any time you need to. Despite any madness that may be going on . How are you and your daughter today? You sound more positive than yesterday .I hope I`m right.. any way you carry on and wonder all you want, see you later sue


I popped in here from the pain concerned page and it had such a nice feel decided to stay. It was foggie's picture of the day that hooked me originally

Hope things settle down soon.


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Hi, don't think I have said hello as yet. Welcome to you. They are all a friendly bunch here and very helpful.

((hugs) Tannels x


So glad you have found a little place to sit & seek respite. I often feel as if I've been 'sitting with friends' while on here.

If you are able do keep us up to date with how things are going, that's great, if not we understand...

To reply to individual posts you can either press the recommend button (this expresses appreciation similar to a "like" I feel) or click on the reply to this post. Sometimes, if you don't feel like writing a lot a simple heart emoticon or smiley speaks a thousand words. I make hearts by using a backwards arrow like this < next to a number 3. Hope it works now!! <3

Every good wish... :-)

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Ohhh. The heart thing didn't work??? Oh well, I'm sure some other traditional smileys do - I had more success with that lol!! Anyway, you get the idea... :-D

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Welcome. I also think there is a lot of love and support on this site. Keep well. Flossy x


Welcome reflective peace to our loving, laughter, thoughtful, helpful fibro club, you couldn't have picked a better site, we will be there for you, look forad to reading your posts....gentle hugs .... Dee x

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Hi reflective-peace

I am absolutely delighted that you are so happy with the site. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming that it takes your breath away. Please enjoy the site, and do not worry if you cannot answer everyone individually, we all know how busy a post can get!

Take care

Ken x


I just LOVE this page reflective-peace!! I can ask for advice, help, just share how I'm feeling and blow off steam, and nobody judges me. I think most people feel the same too. I have made so many 'virtual' friends; I hope they don't mind me saying that, shed many a tear and laughed even more!! I think it's fantastic that such a page exists and I didn't realise there were so many people who suffer with fibro and who have the same day-to-day struggles as I do.

I hope you have many happy times here....welcome!!! XXX (Let's try the emoticon thing!)



Hello, welcome reflective - peace, i'm new to all this as well, everyone seems really friendly & encouraging. In a world of pain where no-one seems to understand how you feel or the pain you are constantly in, or understand why you feel so low you keep crying, you sign on here and hey you are actually quite normal. Gentle hugs and welcome. XX



My own opinion would be, as someone said above, use the site as you need it.

If you get tonnes of replies to a post it's not always possible to reply to everyone, but you can post one message saying thank you to all who replied, etc.

This site is a Godsend. I don't post all the time. I tend to dip in and out as the need arises.

It doesn't matter what the time of day or night it is (we Fibro sufferers are not good sleepers) there's always someone around to have a chat with or ask a question.

You will find your way around and if you're unsure about anything at all, however small, just post and someone will help you out.

Did you consider getting your daughter to join? I'm so sorry, I can't remember her age (flipping Fibro fog). I think it would be great for her to chat, especially with some of our younger club members.

No pressure at all though. Just something to think about.

Sending you hugs to warm your day

Louise xxx


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