Good Afternoon I'm back!

Good Afternoon I'm back!

Dear Fellow Members,

Many apologises for my absence due to sickness over the last 6 weeks + and further apologies to anyone who messaged me in this time & received either no reply or a late reply.

Following on to say to the people who may have ordered our FibroAction wristbands in this time (as pictured) will start to receive them over the next 2 weeks as I get back on top of my emails. I can only apologise for these delays and will endeavour to get back up to speed so to speak.

It has been a long 6 weeks, hospital, viruses, increased Fibro symptoms and generally a big of a struggle but I feel much better but as you can appreciate I will need to be careful not to over do it on returning. I implore for your understanding and patience, as I volunteer for FibroAction as their Administrator and therefore whilst I am back I need to pace as we all do in normal life.

I would like to Thank our team for helping to moderate and deal with issues they wouldn't normally need to with much professionalism. I am sure you appreciate the team as much as myself and will join me to say a well deserved Thank You :)

Thank You for members concerns about my health and absence it is much appreciated that we have such a kind supportive community who try to help & support all members including FibroAction Volunteers. As we all live with Fibromyalgia, know the symptoms, have those days and volunteer our time freely it is important to support each other.

I am currently investigating this new platform we have and I am interested to see how the community is running now. I see we've had more new members and I would like to Welcome you to the FibroAction community and to existing members I hope you are well and have had time in the sun or have managed to keep cool.

I look forward to chatting with all of you at some point around the forum, if you need to contact me at FibroAction please email

With Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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  • Welcome back Emma, I am so glad that you are now feeling better. You have been missed.

    Lots of hugs sue xx

  • You was missed. I wondered where you had been.

    Take care.

    Wishing you wellness.

  • Welcome bcd, Emma.

    Gentle hugs


  • Welcome back {{{{{ Emma }}}}} fluffies and smiles for you :)

    Very good to see you :D

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Welcome back Emma, I"ve been absent myself for past 5 months admission with Pneumonia & Septicaemia, been recuperating ect. So can totally sympathise with you! I hope you improve as time goes by @ an even pace, no over-doing it!

    I will join you in a big "Thank You" to all the other Volunteers who do a Brilliant Job!

    Sending you positive, healing energies & Get Well Wishes

    (((Gentle Hugs)))

    Lynn X

  • Glad that your around :-) already done so much for Fibromites and the volunteers are following a brilliant lead with more help and support.

    So thank you all concerned.

  • Welcome back Emma, take things very gently and really look after yourself. You've been missed muchly ! Sending lots of positive healing and strengthening vibes your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • So glad you're back, I was beginning to worry about you. Don't overdo things, take lots of rest and let yourself in gently.

  • Welcome back. Take it gently.

    BM xx

  • Hi Mdaisy glad to here you are feeling a wee bit better, it sounds like you have had a rough ride lately. Wishing you all the best and speedy recovery.


  • Welcome home Emma, we have all missed you and your insight into all things Fibro.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Ahhh!! Welcom home... :-D

  • Thank You one and all for my Welcome back messages, it's good to be back! Missed you all too :)

  • Glad you are feeling better sweetheart!!! xxxx Mitzi

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