A doctor I'd love to meet!

In the optician's today for new glasses.

As part of the consultation I was asked about illnesses etc and of course mentioned the fibro. Turned out that it could cause problems with my sight but OK for now.

However the optician was quite knowledgeable, turned out a patient earlier today had fibro and was a Doctor!

Pity there's such a thing as patient confidentiality cos I'd have loved a long chat, might have been interesting to hear from someone on both sides of the tracks?

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  • No KIDDing.

  • WOW! I would love to have a conversation in that direction myself? I had a similar experience with my optician as my Fibro has affected my eyesight quite badly. I was shown a picture they took of the eye muscle which had sunken due to my Fibro.

    Take care and thanks for sharing.


  • My thinking muscle shrunk. Care Ken :)

  • I have recently had my eyes tested with a long chat with the opition about Fibro . From my understanding it doesnt effect your actual vision from the eye but as ken says the muscles around and behide it.

    My vision has not changed in 5 yrs . But my eyelid muscles have dropped and the muscles behide my eye which at times causes my eyes to be blurred.aoso when entering the dark I find it really hard to see ,he says thats is because the muscles to not respond quick enough.

    My husband said after when I am having a bad day my eyes look almost shut .....

  • That's sounds almost word for word what my optician said to me too. Muscles weak behind eyes making them react slowly. He seemed to know more about Fibro than my GP


  • Wow I never knew that, I wear glasses but never used to & when i went for eye tests when i first needed them I thought it was because of my job but I now have diabetes so have to have yearly checks I've got one this week so I'm might mension it , but it just go's to show everyone in life can suffer doesn't matter who you are or what job you got it's how we deal with it atm I'm not to well I'm finding I get up with both arms aching & legs are bad too but I'm ok hope I get a clear test again hugs to everyone xx

  • Fibro will make your eyes blurred, and slightly out of focus one day, then not others- I have been diagnosed with dry eye due to fibro, and it makes my eyes "run" all the time. coming out of the warm house into the cold air my eyes look like waterfalls- just gotta keep a load of hankies ready and don't bother with make-up anymore- I've had Fibro since 1994 because of crohns. best wishes, Karen.

  • thank you all, I too have been having problems with my eyes. my left doesn't focus as quick as my right ; hence I have momentary blurred vision and dizziness. didn't know fibro could be the cause!! makes sense as eyes are only slight prescription but I shall go to another optician as man I saw woulnt give me time to answer A or B was clearer when testing ,my left eye, it was blurred with both and he was getting annoyed at me taking so long to focus :( x

  • Well, me too been in same delema with fibro. Dry eyes, blurred vision this can diffa from day to day, watering if I concentrate or go out in wind or cold. I wear veryfocals & I think it doesn't help, it actually makes me giddy. It all ends with a headache because of the strain. Very annoying. :-( .

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