Hospital appointment this afternoon

Hi, I've got an appointment at the hospital about my voice later this afternoon & I'm really worried about what they're going to find. When I saw my gastro cons at my follow up appt after the gastroscopy he said that there was no way the endo had damaged my throat & it sounded to him as my voice was so hoarse & has been for a month now, & I'm gradually losing it completely, that the prob lay with my voice box itself.

My gp sent in a two week wait referral & the letter says that I'll be having a tube down thru' the nose to the larynx to see what's there. I've had a look on the internet to see what it could be & I've worried myself about it.

Last night I had another mega acid reflux & made myself sick coughing.

I feel too tired to get ready to go - my hubby can't drive me as he fell over on wet decking on Saturday & has pulled his thigh muscle.

I went to the dentists yesterday for 6 month check & I've got to have a tooth out next week as the decay has gone down below the bone line - no wonder it hurts so much!

I just want to go back to bed & tell everyone to leave me alone.

In need of a little encouragement & support please,

Julie xxx :-(

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  • Bless You - what a tough time you. are having at the moment. I am not surprised you just want to go and hibernate. I am sending you a good luck hug for the appointment this afternoon, All the best xxgins

  • Thanks gins, much appreciated -must dash = getting ready to go. Julie XXX

  • Hope it goes o.k Julie.Try not too worry too much,we always think the worst don't we.I myself also worries when I had a camera down my bladder but it came back as fine.Make sure you get lots of rest and relaxation when you get back xxx

  • Hugs Julie, I hope all goes well for you and the appointment isn't too traumatic.



  • Hope all goes well, Julie, don't worry too much, I've had that done its not too bad just swallow as the tube is going down and think of something nice like our virtual days out, .....thinking of you and sending gentle hugs ...Dee xx

  • Awwww Julie, I'm so sorry you are going through such a hard time, I really understand your wish to go back to bed and be left alone. I am sending you loads of positive healing vibes, and know that we are here for you all the time and you can rely on that. Rarified Foggy hugs (((Julie)))

    Foggy x

  • Oh Julie

    Sorry about everything, I hope it all goes as easy as it possibly can for you.

    Let us know how things go.

    Is xx

  • How did it go Julie, I've been thinking about you and wondering how you got on ? :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi all, thanks for your replies. Well it was a bit weird feeling the tube going up into my nose & then down my throat! After having a good luck at my larynx & voice box, the cons said that there was nothing there that would explain why I'm losing my voice. I'm going to have a ct scan to see if it will show anything up.

    In the mean time, I've just got to carry on as I am. Son is not amused! Think he thought the hospital would sort out my voice there & then. Keeps telling me to shut up - that my voice freaks him out!

    Julie xxx

  • That's a nice thing for you son to say, I would tell him politely to keep his opinion of that sort to himself......... I imagine from the sound of it he's a teenager ? sorry if that sounds rude, but what he said was very unkind, to tell your mother to "shut up" especially when you are ill, to my mind is completely out of order....sorry :o

    However, I'm sorry they haven't been able to find out exactly what's going on, but I am sending you lots of positive healing vibes and hope that they find out what us going on very soon and are able to help restore your voice to normal.

    Foggy x

  • Thanks for the vibes foggy, feeling brighter today. Yeah, son is 14, beginning to go thru' the caveman, 'uh', grunt phase, unfortunately. My counsellor said that a boy's brain isn't fully completed until the early 20's, so it's not his fault really - he's just not thinking straight!

    Also though, I think he is secretly worried about it - he keeps asking me that it's not going to be permanent, I keep reassuring him it isn't, but it's like the hug thing for him.

    He saw that I'd written, 'gentle hugs' at the end of a post & asked me why I written it. When I told him about even gentle touches can cause pain, he wouldn't hug me for fear of hurting me. I had to grab him & hug him & tell him I'd rather have the pain of hugging than no hugs at all!

    Julie xxx

  • Oh dear but in one way I am so pleased for you. Now you wait for the CT good luck with that xxgins

  • My husband had something similar and after all the tests came back normal the GP said he thought it may be stress. ( Hubby would start talking normally and then his voice would fade away.) That was such a surprise to us, and frankly he didn't take too kindly to it. However, on reflection we went through some of the difficulties and changes that had happened to him including a house and job move and my recent diagnosis of lupus.

    After we accepted this hubby gradually regained his voice, literally and emotionally. It seems such an odd thing and I'm not suggesting it is the same for you, but isn't it strange the way our mind affects our body.

    Good luck with the CT Xx

  • Ive had the cameras in my nose down to my throat a couple of times and gastroscopy. I have had acid reflux for years and it isn't pleasant.

    I havent seen your prev posts sorry, but hope all goes well for you.

    I was just wondering, have you ever been asked if you sleep with your mouth open? Xx

  • Hi fibro, sorry for the delay - no I don't sleep with my mouth open. It's the opposite in fact - I have had to have a splint made at my dentist's as I clench my jaw when sleeping, ( & when stressed too)


    Julie xxx

  • I have one of those too, i dont tend to use it now though as i have to use a CPAP mask, the only reason i asked was because my humidifier that is attached to the machine packed up the the other week and before i realised it wasn't working i had lost my voice completely. I never had a sore throat, cold or chest infection, so i could only put it down to that. It would give me the same effect as sleeping with my mouth open and it really drying out.

    I hope you are ok though. I know what the teeth grinding is like as i have worn away my teeth! Pain and stress does make it worse, you are right xx ((( hugs)))

  • Thanks fibro. i have a CT scan tomorrow. 8.45am on a Sunday Morning!!!! I will have to go to bed soon so that I am able to wake up at 7am to get there!! At least though, I can't have anything to eat, so I don't have to worry about that. I'm supposed to drink two pints fluid during the two hours before my appt. I'll have to be up at 6.30am to be able to do that!!!!

    Ah well, at least I'm getting nearer to finding out what's up!

    Julie xxx

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