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Hi All, Im having one of those days where nothing feels comfortable to wear!!!! I have changed i dont know how many times as i look and feel really fat !!!!! Its just one of those days im in pain, feeling a bit low and irritable (even though the sun is out) and i feel really fat even though i probably dont look like to other people i really feel it!!! I just want to curl up and cry today (not that i could curl into a ball!!!).

Take Care

Jo xx

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I'll come join you. But I am really fat. Cannot find anything comfortable and most are too tight. Swollen belly but no weight gain.

Just keep looking forward JoJo. Gentle hugs xx


Hi Fiona,

I also have a swollen belly, is that a part of fibro, i felt really embarassed yesterday as a friend and her family popped in to see me and she is 5months pregnant and i look about 12months pregnant and im sure her hubby kept looking and thinking the same.

Gentle Hugs

Bonnie Lass


I know how you feel jo I had one of those days on thursday when you in pain it makes everything worse I am having a bad day with pain today (worse than a normal day hope you understand what I mean ) I not sure what to say to make you feel better so I am sending you gentle hugs take care love beth xx


gentle hugs to you all . I recognized that feeling so well it is not sunny here just grey and very windy so just feel cold. x gins


I think most of us can relate to feeling like this, I know I can! I never used to think about my weight before Fibro. I was one of those lucky people that could eat anything and not put on an ounce. Now I just have to look at something edible and I feel fatter!

I never used to try anything on, I knew instantly it would fit me well. Not any more! Now everything feels uncomfortable, cuts into my ribs or hurts my tummy. I don't even like clothes next to my skin, but since I'm not thinking about becoming a Naturist any time soon, I wear clothes lol!

I have only gone up one size thankfully so far, but now those clothes are a bit snug sometimes when I'm feeling bloated! It has to be Fibro combined with lack of exercise and side effects from my meds causing the weight gain!

It's lovely and sunny here today, I would love to go for a long walk, but I will settle with walking round the garden and pacing myself until I have to make dinner for everyone. It's still a lovely day though! :) :D


yes even my comfy joggers are 'scratchy' this morning and my bra feels like barbed wire! I sometimes go without my bra but im a 40E size so its not sensible haha plus im due on my period and they feel like I've been in a stampede! :-( my back is playing up and I feel...ugh! For a better word haha but keep smiling coz the sun is! =:-D



you could try maternity clothes they have extra give in them , they are always a solution but an aid they are normally made of softer material too


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