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Just been diagnosed with fibro. feeling like im failing eveything...

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HI I have just been diagnosed with fibro although been suffering with symptoms for around 2 years.

everyday i wake up with a new pain in a different area and the same pains in my hands legs and hips.

the thing is i think i shouldnt be feeling like this, its like well i can carry on even though i dont want to and i can still do most things even though i want to sleep instead. i feel if i dont do things im lazy. Also im always cold i really find it hard to warm up even on a lovely day like today im sat under a blanket!

Im a self employed beauty therapist and i love my job and dont want to ever stop doing it but im finding myself not thinking about my clients, but when i can stop and have a sleep, im just so tired all the time ive been known to sleep all night, take the kids to school in the morning, come home and sleep till time to pick them up!

my housework is getting to much as well as working I never want to cook food anymore as never feel like eating anything. I hate going out as i know im shattered afterwards even shopping! i feel like a total fail to be honest

Im glad ive found this site though at least i can chat with people that get me. my husband just rolls his eyes and says i should be happy as its given me a reason to moan all the time..

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Hello Livvy, gentle hugs.

Welcome to the group.

The way you are feeling is normal - we've all felt like that. It's a sort of denial about the Fibro and guilt you are letting others down. It's totally confusing at times when the Fibro Fog gets a hold too.

I was finally diagnosed 6-7 years ago after a few years of really going through it! But I've actually been suffering since I was 12, maybe younger. I'm 50 now and virtually housebound - I've gone from being super fit and on the go, all-or-nothing kind of gal - to being under a duvet on the sofa snoozing. I've dropped my friends as I feel I'd only be poor company and rather be asleep in bed! And like you, shopping for just weekly groceries wipes me out and a lot of times just being outside will set off panic attacks as well.

If you can carry on doing your job, go for it - but pace yourself and get to know your limitations - Try not to push yourself and overdo things as it will make things worse and you'll not be fit for anything the next day.

I'm still trying to come to terms with the fibro and how it all came about for me - I'm on so many meds for this, that, and the other I almost rattle! Have you been put on meds for the pain yet? Most of us on here take a cocktail of pain meds and antidepressants too. And it's trial and error getting something to ease the pain even a little bit. Myself, I take Pregabalin morning and night with 2 Co-codamol 30/500mg pills and twice between each 12 hours, if the pain is really bad I take another 2-3 Co-codamols - I take Velafaxine for depression - 2 in the morning one at night - 150mg morning and 75mg at night. Then there's a mixture of a good few other medications for other problems thrown in! Enough to make anyone depressed isn't it? :-(

I came across this site a few weeks ago and never looked back. Everyone is in the same boat and oh, so friendly. We comfort and sympathize with each other and share our daily lives coping with this vile illness. Just being in the company of other Fibromites is an enormous help as we know what the rest are going through on here.

It is so hard for family members to be supportive when they don't see any outward signs of this debilitating illness - the best you can to is give them leaflets explaining it - and my first blog has a Letter From Fibro - show your husband that.

When I was diagnosed, my girls were mid-teens and mostly fended for themselves - the guilt was immense but as it was just myself and them, I could do nothing about the situation. My eldest blamed me for "ruining her life" and walked out, aged 20, 3 years ago - Have not seen or heard from her - but I know she's OK.

I guess I've gone on too much but - Hey-ho! That's me.

Baby Steps Livvy, Baby steps.

Carol x

hi and welcome to thislovely group of people xxx

hiya and welcome ,although i dont work i do have five kids ,so i do work just unpaid lol

i hope you enjoy this group ,theres always someone to listen ,and dont worry we all felt like you and still do hun ,we just have to keep fighting on hugs to you xxx

yes this site is full of luvly people all with fibro and problems related 2 it.i still work but ive had 2 cut my hrs 3 times and some days it all seems too much....ive applied for dla but been refused . im now waitin 4 an appeal..if i get anything i wiil prob cut my hrs again but im tryin my best 2 keep goin!!!but its not easy...hang on in there hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Thanks for all your lovely comments i am taking it one day at a time. Lynn-FA i have been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid before i was told i had fibro. undergoing tests for vit d diff at the moment. will post how i get on.

I was on a small dose of amitriptline (think i spelt it wrong lol) at night to help me sleep and reduce spasms, but i find if i take this i cant get going in the mornings and often get my daughter to school late as a result and feel like im trying to catch up all day. so for now ive stopped taking them id rather have tiredness and fog due to lack of sleep than plenty of sleep but still feel the same because of the drugs!


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