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Problem with clothes!

I love nice clothes, but since I've had fibro, I have to be very careful what I wear.

Looking back, I think one of the first symptoms I ever had, apart from vague joint pains, was intense sensitivity to anything rough or tight.

When I was working full time, my nurse's uniform was a killer, 'cos the fabric was so 'crispy' and the seams so rough and snaggy.

These days, I spend my life in soft leggings, and floaty dresses and tops, all in very smooth fabrics - needless to say, they tend to be on the expensive side.

I have just had to give away a beautiful top because the shoulder seam was a bit scratchy.

I have to wear everything a size too big, which is not really a problem as it tends to make you look slim and dainty, but I do miss my tight jeans. Anything tight or close-fitting is miserably uncomfortable, and Bridget Jones would envy my big, baggy knickers!

As for shoes ... what can I say? My wardrobe is full of gorgeous 'killer' heels, none of which I can walk in, but I buy them anyway.

Looking on the bright side, on one occasion when I was forced to use a wheelchair for an important function, I wore the loveliest shoes ever ... I didn't have to walk on them, so I just enjoyed their glamour!

Does everyone have this problem with clothing, or is it just me being peculiar?

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I wear joggers,jeggins,loose tops,trainers and flst shoes.

Or boots.

I miss killer heels and sexy dresses.but im same.i look fatter than i am.

Cany even handle tights either or jumpets unless they are hoodies.x


yes i do ,cant bear the thought of wearing jeans ! i wear leggings ,most days and cotton soft tops ,flat shoes or boots ,

i did find in a leading supermarket the pretiest knickers ,and they are seemless ,they are called uv free i think ,dont know what that stands for ,but they are very comfy and pretty ,worth a look ,

and also in another leading supermarket the most comfy knicker shorts they are the softest ever !

and in the other supermarket lol they have the best slouch wear ever ,i hope this dosnt get taken off i havnt named any of them so i shall private message anyone who wants to know :)


Hi, Yes the last few months i have been living in my leggings!!!! i do where skinny jeans but they are soft fabric and seem to be ok and yes i have went up a size too which is kinda depressing!!!!! I feel some days when i look in the mirror as if im about to give birth my stomach looks that swollen!!!!

I bought and wore the most beautiful cerise pink shoes killer heels for new year but took flats to walk home in and i have worn them since. I have lovely shoes and boots but just been in my flats or trainers the last few months.

You are not alone.

Take Care Jo xx


I can still wear jeans, but only old ones I've worn in ( I need to employ someone to wear them in for me , because my fave pair is going to the dogs now lol ) .

The only footwear I find comfortable these days is slippers :(



i love my big knickers!!! xx


I've also had to change my wardrobe,find dresses are a good option so long as they have no zips at the back,something I never wear,ebay has become a great friend!!at least you can try them on at home it has to be a realy good day to want to try clothes onlike you cords and jeans can be uncomfortable.can now only wear coats/jackets that have silky fabric lined sleeves or it is too painfull to get my arms in.also getting used to being a different shape isnt easy either.Netty


I hate wearing a bra!! but I have big boobs, so going without isn't an option.


Tell me about it!

I am quite slim, but I don't want to look saggy, so as you say, going bra-less ain't an option. Bras need to fit fairly closely to work at all, and most of mine feel like I'm wearing rough sacking laced with nettles! When they have been washed almost to extinction they start to feel bearable.

I am researching the market to see if there are any ultra-soft bras on the market ... will get back to you on this one!

Hugs and comfy stuff ... Moffy x


I know exactly how you all feel.

Ive always been a jeans kinda girl but now i live in leggings if the weather is bad and i have to go out but if i dont i have lots very cheap maxi dresses which accommodate my ever expanding stomach and they are soft and easy to put on (i cant raise my left arm so i can slip these on by standing in them and pulling them up.

Also as indoors because of the style i have i dont have to wear a bra. Phew i tell ya. And I am big too. Only put one on if i go out.

And i have discovered seamfree boy shorts style knickers and they are the most comfy underwear ever, i dont need pretty feminine one anymore as i certainly dont feel it.

Being short i wouldnt have been seen dead with flats but now i am afraid its my toe post sandals or slippers and low heeled boots if i go out.

So from all the comments i guess we all have had to make bigger sacrifices than people realise. After all what girl dont like clothes and shoes?

Hugs all xx

Ps i still wear my leather biker jacket though with anything lol


hello, can you tell me a little more about the seamless boyshorts style knickers and where you get them from please?, my bridgette Jones's are great but i have trouble with seams and around the tops of my legs so these shorts sound great.


I can also sympathise with everything everyone is saying, have cut all the labels out of my clothes and still get odd little irritations from all sort of things. I think it comes with the over sensitivity we feel with fibro as even the lightest of touches can be painful. Shoes are also a huge problem as my feet get so sore on occasions, I even get problems with shoes I have well worn in and yes, I love my big belly warmer knickers, especially in the cold weather!! x


I'm a 34F and I love the comfort bras that are being advertised at the moment, no wires lovely soft fabric and you can step into them. Get the ones with pads in for extra support but I can get away with out wearing them too, lovely for everyday wear. Also swear by the fit flop looky-likeys, everybody is doing them now xx


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