im no flipping wiser!!!!!!!!!!!

hi,just a quick update..i recieved my statement of reasons from the tribunal judge....i must say that i now feel they are all in it together!!! they used "part" of my was asked why i dont wear pads at night so my son or daughter would not need to be with me during the night..that was an insult in its self,i explained that my legs and arms are dead after bieng asleep so cant safely stand,hence the need for she said would i not concider pads..i said no as im not incontinent just need help to get to and on my i dont have accidents..either falling or wetting myself..she said ,,so you wont concider pads then? no was my answer,,she replied i was being selfish..i replied tough i have my dignity!...long story sorry,,but to get to my point in the statment of reasons,,apparently when i was asked about pads etc my answer was .".tough"!!! not really a full and clear picture of wat i really said!!..showering they said i only needed help to wash my one point i very lucky that i have good children who look after me,and i thanked god i was "spoiled"..the judge said..there was no reason for me to have help during the day and that i was spoilt!!! seems we cant win.he said that the ATOS was correct..even though i had a letter of appology from ATOS stating that their was mistakes in docs report!! so looks like i will have to claim again! 14 months down the drain!! thing is for sure im going to re apply!! i will not be fobed off.rant over..for now lol any thoughts or advise i would be gratfull xxxxxxxx

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  • Hello there PM, so sorry to hear about all of this, how awful for you!

    Well done though for keeping at it and for going to re-apply, that's the spirit! :)

    We will do all we can to help and support you along the way.

    Do you have the Benefits and Work info sheets?! If not we can send you these for free if you email us on They have info on ESA and DLA which you may find helpful, also info on appeals etc.

    (((hug))) xxx


  • i am retired so not sure if the info would be of any use? im not giving in,other wise they will have won! i wrote and asked the courts to allow me till the end of january so my welfare rights support can look at the report,i have been told that at this stage its on points of law and that the judge at the tribunal will have worded it so that i cant challenge his statement of i said we cant win!i go to the welfare on the 8th jan so will see what she says and advices,when i rang DLA just to keep then informed,she said she would send me another claim form,which to give her her due i recieved it the next day,at least i will have a better insight this time as what to say and not i will get welfarights to help me,as last time i did it all my self.........i feel at my age i am fortunate to feel a little reasured that they wont remove what i all ready have ,as i had two tribunals in a year and kept benifit the same benifit.perhaps they think i will kark it before its sorted!! but im an ageing rocker so i still have umph in me! if you think that the forms you sugested would be helpfull i will email you as you suggested..thank you xxxxxx

  • There might be some useful info that might come in handy for you, there would be no harm in applying for them PM. We are happy to send them to you if you email the address I gave you before.

    I love the analogy ageing rocker, good on you! Wishing you all the very best!

    (((hug))) xxx


  • Hi PM. My kids call me an ageing rocker. Im 54 and still enjoying my loud fast rock music. Youre never too old to rock!! I say well done too, for keeping on with this pantomime we have to go through. We go round and round in circles and dont seem to get anywhere. I couldnt challenge the tribunal judges reasons either, because there was nothing "illegal" about the decision. There was, if you count blatantly lying about what Id told them at my assessment. The only thing we're "all in this together" with, is that all of US are in deep s**t. But who cares? Just US apparently. Keep up the fight, we're all behind you. Good luck.xx

  • hi,im glad to know im not daft on my own!...not sure if you read my last note..i was putting on a pair of skinny jeans and being lazy as i had allready put my boots on,tried to get them over my boots..after struggling with pains in hands not gripping and sweating like mad i finally managed..i sat with jeans round my ankles to cool off and get my breath...only to realise on trying to pull them up i had them on back to front!!!i then couldnt do anything for laughing! ah well at least i was on my xxx

  • hi,got carried away and never answerd you,,i am going to keep fighting..i will put in a new claim and i will be wiser this time..i didnt have much help last time..i will do things a hell of a lot different..i will keep you posted xxx

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