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Hi all hopw you ok did not coe back yestreday as my daughter wants her bedroom decorated it has not been done for about 3 years so it was bright cerise pink on 2 walls ans a lighter shade of pink on the other 2 i wanted to do it myself as my dadd bless him has done all my house and he has got his own stuff to do so i got it in my head yesterday atabout 10.30 right i am doing this today!! the other thing is she has got a brand new double bed being delivered next saturdat a brown leather one so i dont want to be painting with that in the room !!!

anyway i thought best plan of action paint it all white 1st so i did istarted at 11.30 then i had to see my sister as 2 sio i had just finished by themn . My daughter came straight from work at 5.30 and we went and bought the paint she wanted magnolia so off we went i started it as soo as i got home my daughter helped me too for couple of hours and i kept going and going i finished it all the paint the undercoat and the gloss by 11pm had a nice bath and was in bed by 11.30 pm i was messed up but i expected that and aching all over

then got up at 4.00 am and put the whole bedroom straight again , puther new curtains up and my dad popped round just toput her new leather mirror up as i dont do driills lol so all done now just witing for the bed 4th aug

so hence no forum since yesterday morning love diddle x

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I am amazed that you got here at all. Was feeling your pain while reading.

Please come visit me now. I need a picture rail painted right through 3 rooms and hall, then shelves, pot rail.... to put up

I also have around 30 boxes need sorting and space to put them leaving the flat still looking tidy. Any ideas? The only cupboard is filled to bursting with black bags of clothes and linen.

Maybe I should move again xx


hi diddle cant believe u did all that painting u must b shattered bless u ,take it easy now soft hugs Tofty xx


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