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As you all know i have had chest infection for 2 weeks i am convinced it was bought on by my body shutting down as you all also know i was not sleeping well at all 6 weeks prior to me getting ill it was likw 1/3 hours a night and not napping in the day either so i think my body just said enough is enough you will rest so i got chest infection still got a cough and i was in for few days then started to do stuff and went straight backto square one and had to go get a second course of antibiotics

anyway whilst i was ill i was on the sofa and drifting off to sleep all day and sleeping as soon as iw ent to bed and totally caught up

BUT now i am 95% better i am now going to bed and not getting to sleep until 1 am time and then waking up at 4.20 am wide awake and so the pattern is starting to emerge again

i asked my GP about sleeping pills but i dont really want to go down that route if i can help it and i take amitritilyne at night i was on 3 a night but they did not touch me so now take 1 and still the same

oh well will see ow it goes and if by end next week i am still like it will go to see my GP for a chat

love to you all Diddle x

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Sorry you still not good diddle I too have a chest infection used to have them all the time but thank god only occasionally now I've had fibro for 38 years since I was ten though they said it was growing pains I'm only 5" 1 and have had pain all this time I think u are right its prob ur body telling u to slow down .hope you feel better soon


Huggybear16 xk


Thankyou for that bless you i am now offf love diddle x




Glad you're chest infection is getting better but am in total agreement that long-term lack of sleep lays us open to every virus under the sun and then we take longer to fight it off. You may have tried it but I have found pregabalin helpful in terms of sleep. At first I couldn't take it as prescribed 1 x 3 a day because I was staggering about like a drunk! So I started taking a couple at night and it did help me sleep. This was after sleeping tablets failed!

Anyway dear Diddle, glad you're well enough to be back on the forum. You are always here for me and so many others and we will be here for you. I do sleep better but my sleep pattern is not good. I don't go to sleep until around 3 am and up around 11 so if you are cracking up in the small hours, I'm always around. I also have Skype which I use with a couple of members and I think there are ways of configuring it so you still keep your anonymity.

Lots of love.

Whippet xxx


Thankyou so much for your message that is lovely of you . i have not got skype or cant do it if i have lol can just about manage doing this lol love to you diddle x


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