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work focused interview for partners

i just windered if anyone can help i have fibromyalgia, rheumatoid and osteo-arthrits, diabetic and asthmatic, my husband gave up work to take care of me in december to take care of me (gave up his business) claimed income support and carers for me i already get DLA high n middle rate, but income support have sent a form for my husband to fill in a review form and me a work focused interview well i am really worried bout this as i don't know what this means or what is going to happen please help and explain, having a really bad day today went for walk with my hubby n the pouch n had to come home as i couldnt walk as i had got so much pain all of a sudden . This stupid illness is sooo getting me down as i would like to make my time pecial with my husband now my kids are all adults . i think maybe time to give in and use my walking sticks sooo soo upset with myself today xx gentle hugs to you all and hope you are all having a better day xx

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Everyone is getting these forms hun

Try not to stress as it will make you even worse.

I had to go to a work focused interview last week. So are you in the work related ESA group?

I was bt now on support related, of course they didnt update their systems (lack communication between departments i think) so i was told i had to go.

So a taxi there n back, up to the 3rd floor, down to the very end of the room (all with crutches) only to be told you only have to attend if on Work Related, the other group is voluntary only.

Get your husband to fill in his form as detailed as possible and then once sent off put it to the back of your minds and enjoy the time ok.


kia x




thanks hun , not on esa related just income support and DLA. maybe a phone call to the department maybe needed xx


to be honest whatever we do we lose, if our family look after us their penalised if they dont we cant get care anyway


thanks christineEls x my hubby will do that x and this is true lally, catch 22 they would say x take care x


The work focussed interviews for partners were brought in to see if there was any help or training that they could benefit from if they wanted to go back to work. Not to force them into work and remove your benefits. I think that if he is caring for you and getting carers allowance you may not have to attend. Give them a quick ring to confirm they know what benefits you are on before you go. But I am sure there won't be anything to worry about. x


have rang and everybody has to be seen once they said :(


been to work focused interview ..... well i must say i got myself in a stew for nothing my husband escorted me to this interview we went to 3rd n 2nd floor before being told we need to be on the first floor we finally got to the requred destination nobody helped my husband with the door(as i was in a wheel chair) sat with a lovely lady who asked me 3 questions wether i had any qualifications( which i do i am a qualified beauty therapist) is that what type of job i was looking for??? looked disbeliefed i replied that is what i would love to be able to off carried on doing , and final question do i still live at the same address and telephone number it took 5minutes, this interview wasted all 12 of my spoons worrying and wondering the purpose, i beleive these interview are to see if you have a genuine illness and test you to your maxinmum . incase anyone wondering why i panicked n was worried it was because i was worrie they wouldnt belive i have an illness and they stop our benefits we recieved and send me to pointless meaningless jobs i know i wouldn't be able to do xx


i would love nothing more then to do the job i paid my self to get the qualifacations 4years ago because my pain specialist ask me to go home and right a list of things i would like to do and top of the list was get some qualifacations at college so i traind to be a beauty therpist it was the best thing i ever did although was extremely tough i did it and i was told level 3 would be really testing for me i still did it. it was like a new lease of life, made new freinds, had lots of laugh and even though i realised i would probley never have a job in this because of my illness it made realise there is a life out there no matter how ya feeling xxxx


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