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IT.S 4.30 am WHY AM I UP ?????????

Ok so my body is saying get up you may as well i am not gonna let you sleep i am gonna give you pain in your pressure points i am gonna make your arms feel soheavy and weak and your not gonna shut your eyes so you may as well get up and go downstairs !!!!!

so here i am now having a cup of tea well what else can you do?

i think i will take the doggy to top of the road now as the street light s come on here at 5.30 so am now off to do that in my pj s as it is dark lol

i do hope you all had a better start to the day and hope this is not my pattern for the week love to you all diddle x

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Morning Diddle

Its now 6.20am and i too have pulled yet another all nighter ! Feeling your pain and hope you get to bed at some point and rest. Feels like you are the only person on the planet doesnt it? Cant really make any noise as to not wake the rest of the house, amen for facebook :) Hope you have a good day x


mornigto you wont say good lol for obvious reasons , yeah same here now gonna get dressed and have a coffee wake me up lol i wont sleep later i know i wont arghhh dam this silly fibro. love to you diddle x


lol thanks but not holding out much hope oh well may aswell get dressed for day i aint going no where but try to look and feel bit human lol love to you and have good day at work and hope you not too tired later love to you diddle x


aww didle, if i had known any of you was up i would of chatted but no idea on the response time for replies lol. i have been having sleepless nights too, go through bad phases eeek.. But work to deal with as always no rest.

Do you try having sleeps in afternoon diddle or you like me fight it no matter how tired cos got so much in the day to do. I am around today diddles if online trying to sort A/C's for April got from last april but just cannot concentrate or focus on anything anymore silly really as some things i used to find so very easy and now takes forever at times one thing! xxxxxxxxx


hi i on here for quick 5 mins now going to see my sister for few hours will be back later though hope you get on ok with A/C s nightmare they are my partner got to do his ans my sister lol your not alone but with evrything elsre you have to put up with could do without it lol love to you diddle xxxx hopoe their done buy time i come back on :) :) love diddle x


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