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fizz update x

vet has just phoned, fizz still on iv fluids, painkillers and antibiotics but she much brighter!

she has just started to eat and drink, has weed but no number 2's yet which is a slight concern incase the bowel was damaged when it was outside her.

she is having another 24 hours in intensive care, then hopefully the drip will be removed and medications then given orally. if that is the case she will be moved to normal ward.

tomorow is basically D day as far as peritanitis is concerned, cos if its going to happen, it will be tomorow, so hopefully not cos id hate her to have to have another operation bless her!!

i will blog again tomorow eve when i next here from vets (or sooner if i hear before).

her bill for treatment is running into thousands and im desperatly trying to contact charities for help as i have no savings, rspca is my last hope to contact tomorow. it will be all worth it to have her home safe and well xxxxx

ps....had a migraine today and flare up starting big time!! lynz you talked it up lol xx

love n hugs to all xxxx

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Thank you for update, lets hope she is a fighter :-)


oh no hun ,im sorry :)

well good news on the fizz front though fingers crossed for her ,and i hope you flare isnt too horrible hun ,hopefully see you friday,if your not too poorly :)

love and hugs xxxx


ta hun will cu friday dads doing school run tomorow so i can have rest day xx


So glad Fizz is on the mend, I was wondering how she was. Look forward to tomorrows update Nadine. Take care, love Angela x


Pleased to hear Fizz is getting stronger and will keep everything crossed for her.soft hugs xx


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