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Body feels so weak but trying so hard to stay positive. Spoke with my GP first thing this morning, she immediately sent me to be admitted to hospital as passed some black motion as well as the sickness with blood at 7:30, wasn't surprised when she called me back to say no beds as is always the same in Scarborough said would have to go through a&e and be assessed at a&e and discharged again at 430. Said although my bloods showing inflammation and possible infection is pointless for them to admit when already under consultant in York, said my GP needs to be sending me there, a bit puzzledas I thought Scarborough and York are all under same trust now. Anyway at least said if I can bear with it as seriously no beds to admit me, said if I can be seen in York have reassured me bloods showing although having the black motion and sickness with blood not losing a dangerous amount of blood and my body is coping with it ever though I feel so crap.. Gave me some saline and an anti sickness injection which did settle the sickness for a couple of hours. My GP has called me back as I notified my surgery to let her know not in hospital but back home. She is faxing an urgent request through to the consultant in York to see me as a matter of urgency so unsure when I will be seen. In the meantime she has written me up for some different antisickness called domeiperdone as allergic to a couple of different anti sickness medication. Just need to try to remain positive and not over worry myself. Just so frustrating, suppose on a positive they checked me over, and nothing flagging in results I need urgent care at the moment, more comfortable at home then struck in hospital, suppose not being able to eat will not do me too much harm to lose a bit of weight. Thank you for all the care and support on here over the last few weeks I value it greatly as my husband doesn't understand how my body seems to be worse when not well. Sending love to u all please pray I get the proper treatment needed and that it turns out to being something that can be treated xxx

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You certainly are having a really bad time. I feel for you deeply. Take care. In my thoughts, Mags xx


If only our collective wishes for you could be granted, thinking of you and hope for a good outcome very soon xxx


All my prayers will be for you tonight, hope you feeling better very soon.

TC. xx


You really are having a bad time and I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Positive prayers,thoughts and gentle hugs heading your way and hoping for a good outcome for you soon xxx


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