my poor little fizz :-(

backround info.......rescued 2 kittens, boots and dora, dora had kittens, kept one called fizz, fizz had kittens kept one called brandy (about 3 months old now).

fizz was spayed last weds, all went well but she was very woozy for couple days, dora had no effects after she was done.

fizz sick in kitchen this morning, but as she eats birds, rats frogs etc every day i wasnt overly worried.

heard cat come through catflap about 130 today and heard a meow went have a look as didnt recognise the voice, all i could see was fizz laying on kitchen chair.

went to stroke her, her tummy was open and all intestines, stomach liver etc on outside!!

scooped her and entrails up and carefully put her in catbox and rushed her to vets. she is undergoing operation but they very worried that she has damage to her organs and the risk of septiceamia is very high!

please everyone keep fingers crossed for her, i love my animals and im very worried about my fizzy xxx

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  • Fingers crossed for poor little fizz xxxxx

    jax xx

  • Me and my cat Giz crossing everything, she must love you cats can hide when hurt ...


  • fingers crossed and my two dogs got there paws crossed for fizz x

  • Oh no sweetheart poor fizz.

    Will keep my finger's crossed for her poor little mite . What a shock for you too.

    Gentle hugs for you both


  • oh I am so sorry my fingers & toes are crossed lets us know how see is later xx

  • What a heartbreaking story, poor Fizz. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed that she pulls through

  • FIZZ UPDATE................

    shes out of surgery, the entrails had turned from purple to pink which is a good sign, but the bad news is that she had dragged herself through bushes, so the vet said she spent ages picking off thorns, berries leaves ect off her inards and washing and rewashing her before sewing her up. she has put fizz on a drip containing morphine and very strong antibiotics. the vet expects to have to operate again due to the very high chance of peritonitis. her survival rate has increased but the vet says the next 48 hours will be criticall and she will stay with them for at least a week. will keep you all updated and big thanks for all the good wishes xx

  • Oh bless her. Hope she'll be ok, keep us updated .



  • Bless Ya hun. I really hope Fizz will be ok. I dread anything happening to my sons cat. I pretend i dont like him becasue he is a pain, crying constantly when my son at work but he knows i love him to bits really. We have had him 7 years so i couldnt imagine him not being here. But until I got so ill I worked at a vets and believe me they will do anything they can to save Fizz.

    Hope all turns out well. She will need a lot of TLC when she gets home. xx

  • Aw Nadine, how awful for poor little Fizz. Really hope she pulls through and makes a full recovery. Love Angela xx

  • My thoughts are with you and your animals x x x

  • hope she makes a good recovery shes in good hands xxx

  • Omg! Bless you, that must of been horrendous to see your beautiful baby like that! I really hope she pull through honey. Healing thoughts and prayers are being sent to her.

    Love and gentle huggles

    Chilli xxx

  • will keep fingers crossed for Fizz that she recovers enough to come home. it's an awfully sad situation and one I've experienced myself following abdominal surgery to one of mine. let's hope the infection doesn't spread.

    please please, when she's home, keep her indoors until her stomach wounds are fully healed, and keep a bell collar on her to stop her getting at her wounds. my Jack sadly managed to get his collar off. cats are determined buggas and you have to watch them!

  • Hope Fizz gets her va va voom back soon.

    Take care : )

  • what's the news on Fizz??

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