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Fibro kicks off cos I had fun!

Had a lovely day out to Temple Newsham Park with my 2 kids 2 friends kids n 2 dogs. Sunshine, ice team, beautiful scenery and looming rain clouds! So in my backpack I carried our lightweight raincoats and 2 small bottles of water which we soon drank. Low and behold the rains came so we headed home and was picked up by car by the borrowed kids Dad. Refreshed after above day I was nice and relaxed for the evening and surprised I wasn't overly tired and went to bed at 10.30. Slept like a baby. Come morning Fibro decided to punish me bigtime! I was in agony everywhere especially my neck and shoulders from carrying the backpack. Why oh why when we think we are 'normal' for a while does the stupid Fibro have a major tantrum??? I was in bed for almost the entire day sleeping when the painkillers worked and layer feeling sorry for myself. Now its Monday and I still feel like I've been competing for the champion weight lifting competition! so please Fibro, I beg you not to take another precious day from me, I promise never to have fun again if you promise not to Hurt me anymore!!!!

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bless you ,its so rubish isnt it ,i do the same ,have a fun day and then am in bed the next day ,it just isnt fair is it :(

ive come to the conclusion that i will still have fun ,no matter the outcome ! :)

sending you gentle hugs xxxx


Yeh it is crap. I must admit that mostly I stick two's up at fibro when ive I done it but yesterday knocked me for six and more! I'm so stuborn and fight it (usually I lose) but not this badly! Big fluffy cloud Hugs back to you chick x


I can empathise with you today lynz, I had a wonderful weekend too with my children, and boy am I paying for it now, however I keep the word of a rhumatologsit the gave a talk at my local support group......and he said live each day as it was you last, take each day as it comes , and enjoy the good days we have, he also said that there were drug trials going on re a new drug that would more than likely help with fibro, but our wonderful caring goverment pulled the plug so pizer is not doing the trials anymore, he also so said that on avereage that ppl with fibro spend about £40 pm to £2000+ pa on medication, and he has found that when sufferers go to a spa or abroad to a warm country fibro signifintaly he said if the goverment, was to build a spa, whith hydrotherpy pool where we had unlimited access would be more cost effective than the trial and error of drug therepy.......Yep I can see that happening....can you? Hope you feel bette soon Lynz


we still have to have a life not an existence!!! try and pace yourself and enjoy your life as much as possible!

hugs xx


A spa sounds nice! Kids wanted me to go swimming with them yesterday but the public pool is too cold for me and leaves me in agony. I don't tell the kids this as they get sick of fibro being the same old excuse for everything!


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