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Overwhelming tiredness

Think the worse thing for me is the tiredness of fibro, this week especially bad I have been going to bed really early, 8.45 last night, didn't get up until 9 and then back for a two hour nap this afternoon! It is so frustrating, loads to do around the house, but all I Del like doing is sleeping! My kids keep asking me why I sleep so much and I try and explain but it s not easy, I do have times when I am not so bad but generally am exhausted, :(( thanks for listening, lucykris

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I washed up.... Then put two loads of washing in the machine and then put it in the tumble can three little chores tire anyone out so much... It's so stupid... I get a great nights sleep but chores leave me feeling not tired ,. But weak like I had been working for hours,


VG x


Yes, just a few chores will make you feel as though you've climbed a mountain! I've been out and about a bit this last week, and it cheered me up, but today I hardly have the energy to sit up straight. Simple answer to that - I'm gonna lie down!

Moffy x


Do you suffer with ME as well as Fibro? ME is different to CFS... I have ME and that floors me but I've learnt to pace myself and I cope a lot better now xx


It is possible you may suffer from Sleepapnea as I have. Symptons are you stop breathing whilst you are are asleep numerous times in the night.Your brain kick starts your breathing but you never have any deep restfull sleep! I had it for about 20 years and is a possible cause of Fbromyalgia.My second wive realised there was something seriously wrong.

After I was diagnosed I have been issued with a "sleep machine" by the hospital where you are attached to the machine and breathe throough a clear rigid mask. I now average 6.7 hours of deep sleep! Fibrmyalgia has not gone away totally - cold damp weather affects me, however I feel much better than I was. Ask your doctor..


Yes, I can sleep for England. I don't get up until 11 or 12 and then need to sleep again in the early evening without fail. Then stay up late to catch up. My GP says I have chronic fatigue as well as fibro. Certainly the fatigue is the worst thing for me. x


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