Overwhelming tiredness

Think the worse thing for me is the tiredness of fibro, this week especially bad I have been going to bed really early, 8.45 last night, didn't get up until 9 and then back for a two hour nap this afternoon! It is so frustrating, loads to do around the house, but all I Del like doing is sleeping! My kids keep asking me why I sleep so much and I try and explain but it s not easy, I do have times when I am not so bad but generally am exhausted, :(( thanks for listening, lucykris

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I washed up.... Then put two loads of washing in the machine and then put it in the tumble

Dryer...how can three little chores tire anyone out so much... It's so stupid... I get a great nights sleep but chores leave me feeling not tired ,. But weak like I had been working for hours,


VG x


Yes, just a few chores will make you feel as though you've climbed a mountain! I've been out and about a bit this last week, and it cheered me up, but today I hardly have the energy to sit up straight. Simple answer to that - I'm gonna lie down!

Moffy x


Do you suffer with ME as well as Fibro? ME is different to CFS... I have ME and that floors me but I've learnt to pace myself and I cope a lot better now xx


It is possible you may suffer from Sleepapnea as I have. Symptons are you stop breathing whilst you are are asleep numerous times in the night.Your brain kick starts your breathing but you never have any deep restfull sleep! I had it for about 20 years and is a possible cause of Fbromyalgia.My second wive realised there was something seriously wrong.

After I was diagnosed I have been issued with a "sleep machine" by the hospital where you are attached to the machine and breathe throough a clear rigid mask. I now average 6.7 hours of deep sleep! Fibrmyalgia has not gone away totally - cold damp weather affects me, however I feel much better than I was. Ask your doctor..


Yes, I can sleep for England. I don't get up until 11 or 12 and then need to sleep again in the early evening without fail. Then stay up late to catch up. My GP says I have chronic fatigue as well as fibro. Certainly the fatigue is the worst thing for me. x


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