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I hate the fatigue that follows a Fibro Flare

I was in some fibro pain yesterday, so had a quieter day which seemed to do the trick but today, I have that horrid dragging fatigue that leaves you feeling completely deflated.

Thankfully, I didn't have any plans for today so it's no biggy, but I just hate having no energy & that familiar 'I can't be arsed' feeling, you know the one where you just want to stay in bed, not see anyone or talk to anyone.

Still, it's Saturday & my new life now has me living alone (which suprisingly, I am quite happy about) so, I am not feeling guilty about it ...

Have a great weekend my fellow fibromites & my all your pains be little ones

Jane xXx

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Hi Jane

I know the feeling of fatigue following a flare up. I've been suffering alot this week with pain everywhere, the usual not sleeping and general exhaustion. I am glad you managed to rest today (hopefully i will tomorrow) enjoy the peace you have and make the most of the rest.

Jax x


hi jane I know how you feel the last three days have been such a nightmare I can honestly say the only time I smiled yesterday was when I read gins & VG blogs they are a tonic I hope you feel better soon take care love beth x


Hopefully you will have a reasonable weekend Jane, take it easy, rest and keep warm! (((hug))) xxx


Thank you ladies, you too x


Am I the odd one out here lol. I never get the fatigue after the flare I get it during the flare and then some. Maybe it is just me with having other serious illnesses. But I hope your recovery is a quick one. xxxxx


Hi Ozzy,

It depends on the extent of my flare, if it's a short lived one that last perhaps just a day as my one on Friday did,then I tend to get a really washed out fatique day afterwards, sometimes 2 days.

If I have a longer flare up then I get the fatique during and well afterwards, sometimes weeks depending on how long my flair lasts.

I also have another chronic illness that takes it's toll on me, I have Ankylosing Spondylosis,an arthritic condition that effects my neck & spine, now spreading to to my joints & fingers

But, as you know Fibro is a fickle creature & just when we feel we are getting the measure of how it effects our bodies, it throws another thing into the works to confuse us again :)




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