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Apologies if this has been mentioned before... Couldn't sleep so been reading blogs and questions... And I had a thought..... I read that people with fibro had painful periods and ridged fingernails ... I have had ridged. Fingernails all my life always envied my friends when we got interested in makeup etc that my nails never looked like theirs and couldn't understand why many of my school friends sailed through their periods... I suddenly wondered if we are actually born with fibro and it just takes that certain incident , trauma , accident, operation to activate it.... I certainly can pinpoint my onset of fibro to a deffinately time in my life...

VG x

here is the link although it starts chronicfatigue it Is actually all about fibro


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  • Morning VG I have had ridged nail on and off but not all the time where is the link hun to Fibro? We may have been born with it hidden in our bodies waiting to escape and attack sounds like a gremlin. I am no longer sure if I can pin point the begining or not I get confused with when I was ill as a child I was in Hospital for nearly a year while they tried to get my left arm working it just gave up the ghost. Or could it have started it I dont know or it could have been a couple of accidents I have had we wont go there. But you may be right VG xgins :)

  • I have read the list amazing it explains a lot I have always wondered why I cry a lot

    now I know :) xgins

  • hello VG I understand what you r saying and it could be right I started my when I was 11 and they were bad I used to be sick for 2 days honestly this went on until I had my son at 31 they did get a little better then became very heavy and always seem 2 have my periods did have tests all fine so had 2 have coil in the end ( did not want 2 but did not want 2 be on all the time)anyway I had operation on my spine at 29 and some upset in my life after was told I HAD firbo when I was 45 ( now 47 ) I think you have a point sorry bout going on hope you are o.k take care love beth x

  • What an interesting piece, and yep I ticked the majority of the symptoms, never thought about the ridged nails, but yes mine are ridged and it's a pain when I want to wear nail polish, it's usually chipped off before I've even left the house. I had heavy and painful periods all my life until I was 44 and had a hysterectomy, so there maybe some truth in what you say about being born with it.

    ttfn xx

  • I didn't count but I must have had over 3/4 of those symptoms .... such a wide range too.

    Well done to all of us for coping xx

  • I can honestly say after reading through all the symptoms that I have most of them! I don't have ridges on my nails, piles, mottled skin and a few of the other symptoms, but it's quite scary reading just how many I have.

    It's amazing how much we all have to cope with every day!

  • Ihave had horrendous beyond painfull periods sice 11 yyears old.So bad the nuns would put me in sick bay and as i have gotten older the pain is really bad.Ihave had fibro since a child when i was first started going to doctors with pain ,i have all except piles x

  • How interesting! I have about 90 % of the list, and as others have said, it really is amazing how much we have to cope with! And a good theory about being born with it then it gets triggered. Hope they do some more research on it.

  • I have 34 of those symptoms, along with CFS, which is my main symptom, next to memory loss. OMG, what we have to put up with. We must all be superwomen (and men). Ive had ridges in my fingernails for years especially my thumbs and it is unsightly. I gave up trying to use nail varnish.

  • I had really painful, heavy and irregular periods until I was 18 and was put on the Pill because of it. I have now reached the Peri-Menopause and am on the Depo (injected contraceptive) due to the same problem. I wonder if it could help some of you too.

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