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I have been up since 4 am the trouble is the day seems so long which can be a good thing but not if you are inpain and there are things to do but just cant lol

oh well another warm nd muggy day here thus far so i hope it keeps that way i have no plans fior today other than walk the dog with my partner on the sea wall when he finishes golf and that is it really , but no doubt something will crop up lol best laid plans and all that

oh well i hopoe you are all well and enjoying weekend love diddle xxxx

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Hi diddle, and me been up since 4.30, I just wish I could have a decent night's sleep. Oh well at least we have Andy Murray to look forward to later

Take Care

Sarah xxx


that comment is totally out of order - i take it you are fit and healthy and not living in constant pain. i dont know why u want to post on here if you do not want to be part of this family


that is somewhat out of order - i assume you are fit and healthy and do not have to live your life in constant pain


ignore the iiot who has posted further down - whoever it is should not be allowed to post on here with comments like that


U seem to make a lot of assumptions about others on here! Can u define disability? It comes in many shapes sizes and forms! Mental illness is a disability but u cannot c it. Wld u say that person was not ill? If u hd done ure homework on fibro, u wld knw it is a condition that affects ure central nervous system. And lk ure dad if what u say can b believed, he too wld hve gd and bad dys where we all just get on with it. If i wanted to b nasty i cld ask how u can standby and watch ure dad struggle with the tasks he says he carries out! Maybe hes a proudman who will not accept help! We on here as a forum r just supporting each other through highs and lows as. U bth seem to hve alot of anger to vent! But not in the right direction! No doubt u will reply with some more colourful language and accusations.


Gosh it's so nice to find I am not the only one who is in too much pain to stay in bed... I am lucky .i usually make it to 5.30 am. With me it's my back and ribs can't lie on any side after I wake... Well it's the pain that wakes me..... My dr is running out of meds I am not allergic to and I am running on empty.... Have just ordered glucosamine and chondrio or something like that tablets .. Trying a natural remedy ......either that or ask to have my ribs removed surgically..... If any one has any tips on sleeping or being able to wear a bra when fibro causes rib flares pease let me know. Thanks for reading .


Hi there. Have you (or anyone else) read Devin Starlanyl's books about fibro? I was rreading her website last night -and FM finally made regards to myofascial trigger points...and the downward spiral effect these have...that it is these trigger points that have to do with a lot of FM symptoms...that are not FM at all. I also have horrible rib pain, which seems to be several trigger points of severe sspasms/hard nodules of hell! I'm on max strength MS spasm meds...nothing has helped. Perhaps have a read about this? Sadly, there is no practitoner here who does trigger point injections or massage. Hope you have a low pain day!


Hi alikat1.

No I haven't read that book

I've just searched the book you mention and it's not available on amazon. but it is on the American site.

I did find some links to her, but there was loads of stuff and since my eyesight is not so good, with the Sjogren's syndrome, I can't read much.

I am going through a flare up and was getting along fine till last week.

thanks for posting. Hugs x


morning diddle hope the pain gives you a little sunday break that mr fibro is terrible...

soft hugs xxx



Hi all. First time posting. This weather is absolute agony -I find the damp and humidity hellish! Been up and down ALL night taking meds, going on ice packs, then heat. Had a pain patch on for a while (put it on at 3pm -so took it off before I went to bed (note not 'sleep') otherwise would have to remove at 3am! My mom has FM and keeps saying 'are you sure it's fibro???' As her symptoms are far less than mine. That or she is able to deal with pain better. No. I am not sure it's fibro, as my GP refuses to send me to a rheumy or neuro due to budget cuts. This is what I self doagnosed myself with (!!!) Several years ago...aand my GP agreed. On all sorts of meds...have tried almost everything. A fibro friend of mine is starting LDN - so waiting to hear how she does. So concerned my GP thinks I'm a hypochondriac! Always go in asking to try new meds...anything for a bit of relief!


Hi Diddle

I wake about 4 am every morning, not sure why. I am not in pain when resting in bed, but I usually have to use the loo, and then I'm back in bed and dozing or trying to till I get up

Oh for a good nights sleep. My brain has fogged over completely.

I am unsure whether the sjogren's is more to blame for my pain and fatigue than the Fibro.

But after seeing a rhuemy for the first time i years and being prescribed Plalquenil, an anti malaria drug, at 400mg a day, which made me very ill, I am not sure that I wish to see the rhuemy again in August.

I am on a Expert Patients Plan course, and this seems to very good.

I've never heard of it before and wish I had as they are a lovely pair of ladies who both have long term illnesses and run the group on a voluntary basis once a week.

I have a large bible (reference book) on the subject and it is all about self help. I meet others and we discuss our problems and ways of coping. So it's very supportive.

I wonder if anyone else has been offered this from the NHS.

Meanwhile, Hugs to all and best of luck. xxx


Hi alikat1,

How did your friend get on with the LDN? I'm thinking of trying that too.


Em x x x


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